Sometimes I guess I’m too stubborn in defending my faults even though I accept them internally ( & every time I defend myself, though I do that very rarely, I kick myself mentally & hate myself being in that place & keep thinking internally why the hell did I get into this conversation & why the hell am I continuing to be in it…this sort of defensive behavior against my own will leaves me drained & with bad taste in my mouth & I just dunno whom should I be more mad at, myself or the person who dragged me into it??) …but then to be fair to myself I really don’t understand why others have the need to point out my faults to me…I mean which human being can claim to have no faults?? & besides I just love myself the way I am, warts & all.



March 4, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , , . Hmm..., I-Me-Myself, MEMEME, Personal, Rambling, Rant, Reflections/Musings, Venting.

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