About Ritu Khabia


(My life is an open book but it has to be read in between the lines)

A little bit about me first(actually lot more than you ever wanted/cared to know about me)…….there’s no stopping me once I get started on myself …Ergo, you have been warned.

Well…I am a Company Secretary+Law grad+Certified forex Professional. Currently working as a Lecturer at Prestige Institute of Management and Research. Update: Been a homemaker Sep 2009 onwards n loving it


 Iam:A-live-as-I-please-kind of person

I wish: I had a four hour (or less!) workweek (Update: I’ve taken an early retirement & now don’t work at all, so my life has exceeded my wildest expectations)

I think: all the time; I practically live my life inside my head

I have: Loads of chutzpah & a wicked sense of humor

I win: I really don’t care about winning…heck I don’t even care to compete in the first place

I hate: People who don’t return my books…I hate people who borrow my books

I fear: having to spend time with people with zero sense of humor ( & I have to do that everyday @ work)

I dance: with gay abandon…God save anyone who comes in the way when I’m dancing

I sing: at the top of my lungs


 30 Things About Me

1. I’m endlessly fascinated with myself…what other kind of person would make such lists, eh?

2. I love solitude…spending time with myself…Reading, thinking, pottering around & making lists like this.

4. Surprisingly people don’t see me that way. They consider me warm n friendly even chirpy n bubbly.

5. I analyze EVERYTHING…I think way too much…I live practically in maah head.

6. I have a *variable* obsessive compulsive disorder.

7. I procrastinate a LOT.

8. I don’t have athletic talent of any sort.

10.I am a bibliophile.

11. I never get through the day without having read something.

12.I always read more than one book at a time…sometimes as many as five.

13.I always carry a book or two in my bag.

14.I am an Agnostic.

15.I believe in Reincarnation & Karma.

16.My spirituality is of a philosophical nature…I consider thinking & reflecting & taking a balanced view to be a spiritual way of life.

17.I’m not Materialistic…..I mean I like a comfortable life & spend on stuff but things like buying BMW/SUV or big houses or expensive jewelery or throwing lavish parties or going to them  simply doesn’t excite me.

18.I’m more excited about books, learning, technology, philosophy, psychology, traveling.

19.I’m  child free for life..it is something that I decided very early on in life.

20.No, I don’t think a woman is incomplete without giving birth…I feel very complete as I am all by myself, thank you very much.

21.Yes, I think I’m free to lead my life just the way I please without being bogged down by responsibility of a child….it makes me feel truly liberated & lucky.

22.My Top Values My strategies, ideas, plans, and moods change constantly . But I have a core set of values that have not changed. For me, these include Freedom, Independence, Authenticity (Genuineness, truthfulness and acting on my convictions), Simplicity, Solitude, Intimacy, Learning, spontainity, mindfulness.

23.I’ve never been celebrity crazy…I wouldn’t stand in lines to get a view or shake hands with anyone…& I believe people who are star-stuck or celebrity crazy have a low self esteem & are not minding their own business enough.

24.I also don’t understand people who name-drop…so you know Mr./Ms So n so…what about it?? How does it make you big or anything?? Dropping names is uber-stupid.

25.I have rather strong opinions on many issues n often my opinions tend to be contrarian to popular way of thinking.

26.Things I’ve never managed to do—Keep my room clean; Get my paperwork in order; Love without expectations.

27.I was separated within three months of marriage though I got divorced a bit later…reflecting back I can say that my marriage was the best mistake I made &  my divorce the best decision I took. It helped me grow resilient n reflective.

28.I think everyone needs a shock to take stock of their life n discover a way of life that is true for them rather than drifting with the herd behavior aka what society expect you to do…. divorce was that shock/catalyst for me.

Update: I’m now remarried to the sweetest & awesomest guy ever & we just completed 2 yrs of marital bliss

29.People whose philosophy have shaped my thoughts  – Osho, Buddha, Howard Roark & Michael. They are my Gurus/Spiritual Guides.

30. I can’t prioritise…my sense of priorities is so fucked up that I can spend the whole day reading novels, browsing the net, philosophizing, writing posts for  blog or forums when more urgent work like collecting checks running into several thousand bucks/ studying for looming exams/ completing crucial paper work etc are pending.

Ritu In A Nutshell

Spunky, Snarky, Multifaceted, Loves to teach and be taught, Unambitious,Unconventional, Quick thinker, Avoids Competiton, Sensitive and has deep thoughts, Romantic ,Left handed,Tall,Intelligent and clever, Loves freedom, Rebellious when restricted, Loner by Nature, Loves leisure, Attractive personality, Not Secretive, Iconoclast , Non Confirmist, Individualist, Fun Fearless Female, Resilient, Child Free for Life, Loves peace and serenity ,emotionally complex, Observant, Loves to dream and fantasize,Loves Attention, Attractive and affectionate to oneself, Strong mentality, Aries,Brave and fearless,Extroverted Introvert (A Gregarious Recluse), Idiosyncratic, Slacker, Type B personality — Relaxed, patient; charismatic, Good memory, Arrogant , Deep feelings,Loves literature, High spirited, Active mind, Passionate, Funny and humorous, Daydreamer,Fun to be with, Approachable,Witty and sparkly. Not revengeful(Living well is the best revenge nobody is important enough to seek revenge, besides I believe in Karmic Justice), Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things, frugalist, Bubbly, Blunt, Opiniated, Forms intense relationships, FUNCTIONS IN AN INSTINCTIVE NON RATIONAL MANNER, Thirsty for praises, Extraordinary spirit, Independent thoughts, Narcissistic, Not at all modest(Modesty is good,honesty is better), Agnostic, Extremely laid back, Self aware, Self Oriented, Self-absorbed, inner-directed,not a people pleaser, not a people’s person,utterly unashamedly selfish,asocial, severy introverted & Solitary((~~Enneagram Type 4–The individualist=>self-renewing and regenerating: able to transform all experiences into something valuable: self-creative. Self-aware, introspective, on the “search for self,” aware of feelings and inner impulses. Highly personal, individualistic, “true to self.” Self-revealing, emotionally honest. Ironic view of self and life: can be serious and funny, vulnerable and emotionally strong.~~ ))…exectra

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  1. wg cdr R N B Rao replied:

    you have narrated yourself very well with very intrestig traits.Your opinions also r a class apart n they are original.u compose ur thoughts very well; i mean u write well.i feel that u should nurture this talent.I love forwht u r n i am very proud of u.i pray to god to give good health n make u focus on ur talents

  2. ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

    Hi Wg Cdr,

    I appreciate your appreciation. 😉 & thanks a lot for your thoughtful & lovely words. You know how to flatter me, huh? 🙂

  3. wg cdr R N B Rao replied:

    i feel ….massaging ur feet n calf muscles is the most romntic thing i have ever did for u

  4. j@shn replied:

    why is that in the last question
    ~When did you last cry?
    Yesterday…in fact, I cry fairly regularly…kinda scheduled at least once a week…for nothing in particular or for everything that happens since the last cry.
    didnt like ur statement
    mam i know u have struggled through out ur life n seen many things tht we cant even think off
    then u should be happy abt it tht u passed through so many exams(things goin on in our life)
    waise se bhi mam aap HASTE hue jyada ache lagte ho

  5. Guarav replied:

    Impressive stuff 🙂

  6. Gaurav replied:

    Impressive Stuff!

    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      Thanks a lot Gaurav! If I’ve impressed a few people then I guess I’ve not lived my life in vain. 😀

  7. Dr.M.J.Gupta replied:

    Hi Ritu,Hey u sound extremely complex persona.,but nonetheless,honest to the core,in love with urself(narcisstic),pragmatic,not penitant,juxtaposed with a hedonistic life,unimpressionable,indomitably spirited,innocous(unless someone really bugs and bites u)and u make a dilettante attempt to decipher n paint yourself,which may look to others(including me)to be speciously paradox,albeit u seem to unfold your nature’s conundrum,explicitly , unabashedly and blunt candour.

  8. Mradul Parakh replied:

    hello mam happy birthday.

  9. Sehar replied:

    Hay sweety!!

    Chupe Rustam!!!

    Glad to know you more :))

    Like it !!

  10. Vinay Madhabavi replied:

    Hello mam. Nice to read ur blog. there are a lot of things to learn from u. hope i will make the most of it before i leave Jorhat. Regards.

    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      Good to see you here Vinay :-)…I’m sure the learning is going to be mutual…looking forward to share n learn

  11. meenu replied:

    hi ritu i think u not recognige me. I am meenu from indore and we do cs together and i study with u at yourhome.

  12. Mudit Saxena replied:

    Hi Ritu,
    I will b delighted n surprised if u remember or even recognise me. I read “about Ritu Khabya” section. And no doubt that’s all impressive.

  13. 2010 in review « Ritu’s Weblog replied:

    […] About Ritu Khabia September 2008 13 comments […]

  14. Anil Tiwari replied:


    Impressive blog. Contains – a lot of learning value(s).


  15. Zen & the Art of Being A Happy Home-Maker « Ritu’s Weblog replied:

    […] About Me […]

  16. Ritu’s Weblog replied:

    […] About Me | My Thoughts | FAQs | Still More | My Personal Swot Analysis […]

  17. jammy replied:

    i like what u ve said about cricket and many things i guess i will be reading ur blog ..btw i ve posted ur take on cricket in my fb account without permission ..tho i ve given ur name so ppl know who has written it i hope u wont mind if i spread the necessary word about cricket …

  18. jammy replied:

    (after reading the complete list)very scary i do a lot of similar things in my life and believe in a lot of things that u do …only thing is i love children n want my own 😀 ..apart frm that a lot is the same !!!

    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      Hey Jammy…nice to see you here n thanks a lot for all your comments…hope you enjoy the blog in future too…I’m glad to find a like minded soul here…it’s good to be little different in little things…that’s makes our world so colorful afterall. 🙂

  19. VeganAtheistChildfree replied:

    Gone through most of your profile and I have a couple questions for you. I am 31 Athiest Childfree NRI male. My chidfreedom has been a stumbling block for me to get in any relationship. I have never met a woman(let alone an Indian woman) who agrees to be childfree. What would you suggest for a situation like this?

    Secondly(sorry for being “too open” per Indian female standards), I recently came to know that women have 2 types of biological sexual desires. One is just to have sex which starts pretty much in teens and remains lifelong. The other biological desire is to get pregnant. This is said to be starting anywhere in 20s or more predominantly early 30s if they haven’t conceived yet. This is different that other things like social/peer pressure etc. I mean a biological desire as intrinsic as food,water & sex. This fact horrifies me. That pretty much makes childfreedom sound an impossible thing. What do you have to say about this?

    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      Hi Tejas,

      Hmmmm…I guess choice to remain childfree is not very common…even I’ve never come across a man in ‘real life’ (as opposed to ‘online’ life) who wants to be child free/ is child free…currently I’m married to a guy who has a grown up son from his previous marriage. At the time of marriage I was led to believe that the son is now pursuing a very expensive pilot training course (sponsored by his father ofcourse) & would be settled soon, so I wouldn’t have to deal with any child staying with me (a situation which I obviously hate & never wanted)…but lo n behold though he has finished his course he is still jobless & staying with us (It’s a maddening situation-A woman who never wanted her own child has now to tolerate others’ child, no worse fate could’ve been possible for me)….so given these facts who am i to suggest how to meet a person who desires to be child free…i can only say just keep looking n one day you might get lucky.

      Or you might try your luck here:
      or is it that you are coming to my blog specifically from there??!!

      As for the sexual urges n pregnancy urges : I never mix the two, never had the later urge…sex is not just for making babies.

      Looking forward to see more of you on my blog/ on mail

  20. Pankaj replied:

    Nice Thoughts.

  21. enermazing replied:

    You sound very much like a person I’d love to meet! – Most of your list points I would sign, too 😉

  22. narendra nagpure replied:

    Feeling Great to read about you… You are amazing person…. really u have narrated yourself very clearly… Thanks for the notes you prepared & made available to everyone… You are an inspiration to all… God may give u all good things of life..
    Thanks & Regards

  23. brennagee replied:

    #16 Resonated with me deeply. I also believe reflecting and living in a balanced manner is a form of spirituality. Also, divorce was a wake up call for me as well. It fostered me in a brilliant but brutal way. We have many beliefs/values in common Ritu. Kindred spirits. Happy to find your writing.

    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      wowww…i’m so happy to have you here…can’t even tell you how much i love your blog…truly beautiful writing…see ya there n here …kindred spirits indeed..the best thing I like about us is Introversion!!!

  24. Anjali Jain replied:

    hey Ritu,

    anjali here.. u remember..

  25. Rizwan replied:

    hi…Ritu..hw r u?

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