Lunchbox or how we wasted 1000+ bucks & 5 hours of our life


Lunchbox is a movie that is being praised from all the corners, hailed by by both moviegoers n critics. The tagline of the movie is ‘Can you fall in love with someone you’ve not met?’ …a bond is developed between a lonely housewife, Ila dealing with apathetic n philandering husband & an about to retire Govt. official , Sajan Fernandes who is equally lonely n desolate,living a solitary life after his wife’s death.

Ila is trying to spice up her floundering marriage by following the old cliche of winning a man’s heart through his stomach. Her game plan is to send sumptuous tiffin box lunches to her husband’s office n thus make him take interest in her! Unfortunately the tiffin box lands up in wrong place n she ends up working her way through the heart of Sajan Fernandes instead of her husband. Notes are exchanged between Ila n Sajan.

The movie didn’t work for me ‘cos I found the characters unidimensional, bland, boring & plain stupid. Sajan gives  Ila the hackneyed advice of rekindling romance in her marriage by producing another child! Sajan, writes to her that he has been offered a vertical burial plot – “I’ve spent my life standing in trains and buses,” he says, “now I will have to stand even when I’m dead.” The irony of his advice is totally lost on him. Vertical grave is due to population explosion but still he advises her to produce more children!! 

& then he tells her about his experience of being touched ‘down there’  by a grandmotherly toothless lady on a bus! If an old man wrote to me about such sleazy things instead of falling for him, I would be totally creeped out.The exchanges between the two are colorless n vapid n totally illogical. Now, Ila wanted to spice up the marriage by sending special lunch box but apparently she continues to serve bland dinners which the family eats with total disinterest!! & if she were really interested in saving her marriage, she would take steps to have the tiffin delivered to her husband instead of to a random stranger. + I have serious issues with the ‘bored housewife syndrome’. Why are women staying at home be supposed to get bored all the times? There are lots of things she can do to keep her life n herself interesting,instead of complaining about the boredom. n once boredom sets in her life, it gives negative vibes to all around her. Who needs a bored, complaining hag around all the times? Is it her always bored attitude that led her husband to stray in the first place? As the movie proceeds, she devices another mad-hatter scheme to ‘find happiness’ moving to Bhutan!! ‘cos in that country everyone is happy…as if one can become magically happy by changing places…there is a wise proverb,’wherever you go, there you are.’ Newsflash: Unhappy people will remain unhappy even in Bhutan…n maybe Bhutanese are happy ‘cos they are not trying some silly schemes to escape from reality n by finding happiness in simple things, right where they are.

 The movie does have some good moments, especially the idea of a friendly neighborhood aunty for Ila who is present only in voice is interesting, but overall the movie n it’s  characters did not strike a chord with me. It is just regular hindi masala film minus the song n dance. The tagline of the movie should have been ‘Can boring/stupid people fall in love?’ Sure they can but we don’t want to watch their boring love story.


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Shagird, 2011

Shagird (starring Nana Patekar) is yet another movie exploring the  Politician-Criminal-Police Nexus. Everyone double crosses everyone, chases same money & everyone Dies!!!

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Pyar Ka Panchnama

Punchnama is a Hindi word which means Postmortem report. Hence, Pyaar ka Punchnama would mean Postmortem of Love. But it is a Botched up Postmortem report. It is Based on the Premise that all relationships are doomed to fail & the reason for failure in one word is ‘Women’. As per the movie the relationships fail because women are dominating, over-possessive, chatter boxes & Manipulating!! Poor guys keep on taking all the nonsense from the Ladies until they can’t bear it any more & that’s when the relationship ends.

It is the story of 3 friends Rajat (Kartik), Chaudhary (Raayo) and Liquid (Divyendu) who are foot loose & fancy free till they meet their lady loves. Rajat meets Neha who is over possessive & clingy, Liquid meets Charu who is manipulative & uses him to run errands for her & Chaudhary meets Ria who is still not over her ex. Towards the end of the film Rajat breaks into a long monologue of how guys suffer at the hands of females which is supposed to be very hilarious but only if you can find humor in such depravity & MCPness…to me it looked like typical male behavior: lay all the blame on women..The 1st time Adam got a chance he laid all the blame on Eve…looks like things have not changed much since those times!!

This movie could have been witty & fun if it had taken a balanced look at relationships n why they end. Both genders have their quirks which contributes towards the difficulties in relationship. To take a lopsided view is foolish & retarded.

P.S.: My Lawyer friend Vijay tells me that ‘Panchnama is the first notings that are made at the scene of a crime by the Police officer and witnessed by Panchas, i.e., eye witnesses.’ but oh well the rest of the review stands good all the same!!!

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Chalo Dilli

Chalo Dilli is a light hearted movie with a serious lesson & the lesson is ‘to lighten up’ in life, take the chill pill, let go of big concerns over petty issues.Mihika Banerjee (Lara Dutaa) who runs a multi crore investment bank is very uptight about every small thing in life. She is totally career oriented & doesn’t know how to relax. Every trivial thing irritates her. She wants the things to happen as She pleases, but life obviously has other plans & life of course goes on as IT pleases. Mihika misses her flight to Delhi n one thing leads to another & what would’ve been just a short flight from Mumbai to Delhi becomes one hell of a memorable long Cab, Train, camel, jeep & what not ride with an unlikely co-passenger, Manu Gupta (Vinay Pathak) who is everything Mihika is not. He is a totally chilled out guy, nothing unfazes him. His answer to all the troubles big n small is ‘Kaun see badi baat ho gayi?’ (What’s the big deal?). He makes friends with everyone along the journey, be it a truck driver, waiter at restaurant, goons or co-passengers or a politician. He has fun no matter what. By the time this journey ends Manu’s attitude rubs on to Mihika & she also learns to have fun on the way instead of making a big deal out of trivials. The movie is refreshing & light hearted though it gets annoying at times like where Mihika is given a crash course in the importance of having children in life…the lessons went a bit too far with Manu declaring something along the lines of ‘Everything in life is done for children only’!!! Go man get a life n gimme a break!!!..

 Mostly when I enjoy a hindi movie, I invariably learn that it’s a remake of some English movie…this movie is also no exception. I read in another review that ‘Chalo Dilli is a reworking of John Hughes’ 1987 comedy Planes, Trains and Automobiles, in which Steve Martin and John Candy played mismatched strangers who take a life-altering trip together. ’…not that this fact took away any of the fun for me…Vinay Gupta’s acting is impeccable as ever & his character just takes up from where he left at “Bheja Fry’, a goofy person who can do no right despite always being well meaning & a guy who despite of his  goof ups of epic proportion has his heart in the right place. Lara Dutta too suits her role n has acted well.


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Thank You: Movie Review

Thank you is a study in stereotypes & clichés about the genders. While all men (without any exception) are lecherous womanizers & perpetual cheaters (they want to have fun with other women but for some reason they still want to stay married to their wives ‘cos wife, we are told, is the one they REALLY love…they just don’t realize it as yet…Anees Bazmi has reiterated this theme repeatedly since he made ‘No Entry’) , women are fools who buy into the philadering husbands’ stupid alibis & even do Karwa Chauth for them (I’m totally against any vrat for any pati whether philandering or not, but I’ll tackle this issue later, in another post). The men are justified for their misdemeanours on the grounds that ‘aadmi ki fitrat hee aisee hoti hai kee use bacche apne aur biwi parayi acchi lagti hai’. & when women discover about the hubby’s adventures they blackmail him to sponsor more n more shopping for her/ try to commit suicide/ takes hold of his property by chicanery. This is the woman’s revenge!! It portrays sexist attitudes like it’s a woman’s duty to serve hot chai to pati while swallowing all her self-respect & take his barbs in her stride & that if a woman pays a bill she is trying to dominate, men should keep on paying the bills to maintain their superior status in the relationship. Irfan Khan mentioned in an interview that the movie is an ode to housewives…an ode or an insult??

The less said about the story, the better because it is just a culmination of highly unlikely & absurd situations. Basically it’s about 3 wives who suspect their hubbies of cheating on them & hire a detective (Akshay Kumar as Kisna) to find out more. The detective himself is an  ex-philaderer who now having realized the greatness of a wife, is out to save other people’s marriages by sharing the lessons he has learnt about the greatness of wife with other hubbies (This doesn’t stop him from having an affair with other people’s wives, as is shown in his introduction scene where he is playing a flue n lot of skimply dressed women are dancing to his tune & a hubby comes with goons to shoot at him ‘cos Kisna is having an affair with his wife!!!!).

The comedy (??) can make only those people laugh who are not already put off by the ubiquitous sexist crap. I could laugh only at 2-3 places but the audience around me found some reason to laugh uproariously. Akshay suits the role & he n Suneil shetty got me a few laughs despite myself. Sonam Kapoor looks emaciated & perpetually confused. The music is actually jarring to the ears. The only foot thumping number is ‘pyaar do, pyaar lo’ but it loses out because of it’s sexist lyrics (Benamak, be-asar, dal jaisee agar, ghar kee murgi ho jaaye tau, pyar do, pyar lo…if your start finding your wife bland like daal then have fun with the spicy women outside…husbands apparently don’t become bland & their wife remains devoted to them eternally). The only thing I liked in the movie is Kisna’s flue which I found teally melodious!! The movie has been shot in Canada. Cinematography is exceptional but it can’t salvage a bad story, can it??

Director: Anees Bazmee
Producer: Twinke Khanna

 Cinematography: Ravi Yadav

Star Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Irrfan Khan, Sunil Shetty, Celina Jaitley, Rimi Sen

Music: Pritam

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Game: Movie Review

Kabir Malhotra (Anupam Kher) a multi millionaire (albeit an unhappy one),  invites 4 people to his Private Island in Greece by promising  to change their fortunes. These four are Vikram (Jimmy Shergill), struggling Bollywood actor , OP Ramsay (Boman Irani) a politician in Thailand who also runs human trafficking trade, Tisha a journalist who is also Kabir’s estranged daughter & Neil Menon (Abhishek Bachchan) a Casino Owner and drug dealer. These five lives are interconnected through a person who is now dead.

On their arrival Kabir tells them the story of Maya (Sarah Jane Dais) who is also his estranged daughter and he accuses  Neil n Ramsay of ruining  her & Vikram of killing her. Malhotra wants to take revenge on these 3 men, but the very next day he commits suicide. Or does he?? Sia (Kangana Ranawat) investigates his suicide/ murder & from there on the story takes various twists & turns to find out who’s behind the intriguing murder. The suspicion turns on each of the characters.

The film has been shot in Istanbul, UK, Greece, Thailand & Mumbai. Cinematography is brilliant. Locations are beautiful especially the Greek Island Samoa. ‎’The story is a fast paced  murder mystery & also a tale of revenge. Abhishek’s character as Neil, a cool, I don’t care a damn dude is interesting. Anupam Kher doesn’t suit the role of a super-duper rich business tycoon. He simply doesn’t have that air. Boman Irani has over acted. Kangana Ranaut has under acted (Flat performance). Songs are forgettable.

Producers: Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani

Director: Abhinay Deo

Star-cast: Abhishek Bacchan, Kangna Ranaut, Sarah Jane, Jimmy Shergill, Boman Irani, Shahana Goswami, Anupam Kher, Gauhar Khan

Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Cinematography: Karthik Vijay

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Turning 30!!!: Desi Bridget Jones Sans the Humor!!!

The Movie Turning 30!!! is based on the premise that turning 30 is nothing short of a disaster for women. Not only their biological clock starts to tick away (Whatever that means) but they also start losing their minds & Come up with bizarre theories which they don’t hesitate unleashing on other unsuspecting souls. Sample this:

 Woman #1: My husband was cheating on me, I used to be upset about it & cry bucketfuls but now no more ‘cos now I’ve got a baby, so I don’t care & moreover the baby needs a father!!! (A very compelling reason to let your husband cheat n be very casual about it)

Woman #2: When I turned 30 my husband lost interest in me…so now I’m focussing on my career!!!

Woman #3: When I turned 30 my boobs started sagging…so now I’m saving my hard earned money for a boob job…I want to surprise my hubby!!!

 Woman #4: My career isn’t going anywhere, so I might as well start producing babies!!!

 Woman # 5 & 6 & 7: We are lesbians, we have a right to always make out in the public!!!

 Woman #8: It’s a myth that when a woman turns 30 she is attracted to 40 year old men, the reality is that she is attracted to 22 year old men!!!& this goes on n on…but I can’t go on because I’m tearing my hair at this point!!!

Who are these strange women & where do they live??

In short Turning 30!!! Claims to explore the life & dilemmas of a 30 something urban women as they try to find love, professional success,… but misses it totally.

Basically it tells the story of Naina (Gul Panag) who is dumped by her Boyfriend just a few days short of her 30th Birthday & is facing problems at her work. Her problem is that she can’t get over her ex, she tries to seduce him back to no avail, goes to his house & makes a tamasha…in short totally degrades herself..ironically her excuse for her immature behaviour is that she is now 30 n not 22!!! Meanwhile she’s sleeping with her another ex, Jai (who looks n dresses like Devanand from the 70s) who conveniently walks back in her life at the appropriate time. She tells everyone this Devanand clone is better in bed & treats her nicely but she wants the jerk who dumped her unceremoniously on a day when he was supposed to propose to her!!!

Some people have made comparisons between turning 30!!! & Bridget Jones Diary but Bridget Jones had lots of sense of humor. I was reading an interview of the Director of Turning 30!!! & she had the audacity to claim that Bridget Jones is a loser whereas her Naina is a go getter (if go getter means running after a guy who has made it clear that he is dating n going to marry another woman n saying that you want a baby ‘cos your career is not going anywhere, cheering the choices of a friend who decides to have a baby with a cheating spouse…then Naina is a go getter!!!)..& perhaps Bridget Jones looks like a loser only to people who miss her self deprecating sense of humor.


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Mirch is a collection of 4 short stories where wives are caught red handed cheating on their husbands & how they use their wit (???) to get out of those situations. These are so called tales of women equality in the right to cheat on their spouses. Afterall why should boys have all the fun??

They are supposed to be tales of Wit but frankly the plot is too thin n the so called wit doesn’t work. In real life no one is going to buy the stupid things the women say to get out of sticky situations.

In the 1st story based on Panchatantra, Raima’s character pretends that she’s making love with a stranger in order to save her husband from disaster n she is doing so on the recommendation of the village priest. So she is in fact making a huge sacrifice for the sake of her hubby!!! The husband is very happy to hear this n she f***s her lover right under her husband’s nose (actually above his nose as he is hiding under the bed to see what she is upto). I don’t see any wit here. Just lot of stupidity. Who is foolish enough to buy these lines?? Wouldn’t the hubby go n verify with the priest or will he accept lies on such grave matters at their face value??

In another tale Raima’s husband (Shreyas Talpade) is suspicious that his wife is cheating on him, so he plans his own sting operation. This doesn’t sit too well with her & she then actually  cheats on him as a revenge for his suspicion!!!

The only story that raises a few genuine points in the battle of cheating spouses n examining the double standards prevelant in our society is the last one with Konkana Sen Sharma n Boman Irani as (mutually cheating on each other) husband n wife. Boman habitually cheats on his wife with prostitutes. Once it so happens is the prostitute is none other than his own wife!!! A question is raised how come the society is okay with a male sleeping with other women (& spending money to do that) but if woman does it ( & earns money doing so) she is labelled a prostitute!!

Cast: Arunoday Singh, Raima Sen, Konkana Sen Sharma, Rajpal Yadav, Shreyas Talpade,  Boman Irani, Prem Chopra, Ila Arun

Director:Vinay Shukla

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Guzaarish is a very sensitive & beautiful movie dealing with the taboo subject ‘Death’…the other touching hindi movie dealing with death is ‘Anand’. In both the movies the protagonists are dying yet are ‘full of life’.

Ethan (Hritik Roshan), an erstwhile famous magician  becomes a paraplegic after meeting with an accident &  is confined to his wheel chair & his bed bravely surviving fourteen years celebrating life with immense courage and verve. He has totally lost the use of his limbs. In a very poignant scene he is shown struggling with a fly hovering around his nose. At first he’s greatly disturbed because there isn’t a thing he can do to squat the fly away but after a while he accepts the situation with a smile & an attitude of let go (The serenity to accept the things one cannot change). After losing his Magician career he sets out to be a RJ hosting Radio Zindagi, a show about celebrating life amidst all odds and is an inspiration for his listeners. He is dependent on his nurse Sophia D’souza (Aishwarya Rai) for brushing his teeth, shampooing & even for scratching his nose. (In Fact Ethan is totally dependent on her…he asks her to break a vase as an outlet to vent his anger on his behalf!!!). Sophia  is also madly in love with him Despite all this Ethan has had enough of his confined life & he files a petition for Euthanasia. Evidently very few people support him in this, everyone feels he must live & the show must go on. No one can understand what he has been going through. There’s a night when drops of rain are falling on his face from a leaky roof & he can’t move away to protect himself. He spends the whole night getting drenched in the rain.Though he makes a very strong case for his right to die (In one of the moving scene he confines the prosecutor in a box for 2 mins, the prosecutor starts panicking & Ethan says if 2 mins of confinement can make you so terror stricken think of how I am living my confined life), the Judge rejects his petition quoting no one but God has the right to take away life. I suppose it is pertinent to note here that Euthanasia or Mercy Killing is Legal only in Netherlands, Beligium, Luxomborg, Switzerland, Thailand, & Washington & Oregon in USA. The Debate over allowing Euthanasia keeps emerging from time to time when some Terminally ill Patient petitions to the President/Courts to allow them the right to die with Dignity. 

Karnataka: Ailing woman wants mercy killing

 SC verdict on euthanasia for Aruna today

I guess this is the 1st movie in India that talks about the Right to Die…I feel people are unnecessarily anti death…why does one want others to go on living when they lose the faculties to enjoy even the basics of life??…In Aruna’s case her nurse is saying she shouldn’t be allowed to die because she is not a problem for others…the nurse has missed the basic point…it is not about others…it is about the person’s own right to die.

Incidentally today also turns out to be the day When the Supreme Court has rejected Aruna Shanbag’s plea for Euthanasia.

<“According to the petitioner, Pinki Viani who has also written a book on Aruna Shanbag’s plight, in the last 37 years after the incident, Aruna has become “featherweight” and her bones are brittle. She is prone to bed sores.

Her wrists are twisted inward, teeth decayed and she can only be given mashed food on which she survives, Virani had said, adding that Aruna is in a persistent vegetative state, her brain is virtually dead and she is oblivious to the outside world.

She can neither see nor hear anything nor can she express herself or communicate in any manner, whatsoever, she had said in her plea for mercy killing. >

SC dismisses petition for mercy killing of Aruna Shanbaug

The Movie makes an ultimate case for regarding Death to be a part of life & not as something to be dreaded & abhorred. One must live life to the fullest enjoying all the joys it provides but should not hesitate in embracing death too. Life & death are the two sides of a coin n yet we go on desiring life & shunning death. Ethan Mascarenhas shows that both can be embraced with equal chutzpah.The film has a certain Magical quality about it like all Sanjay Leela Bhansali films.

Both Hrithik & Aishwarya & the supporting actors are perfectly cast in their roles. The songs especially ‘Udi’, ‘Sau Gram Zindagi’, & ‘Tera Zikra Hai’ are very good.

One thing I didn’t like the premise that Ethan’s life is now more horrible than other person’s because he had achieved glory n fame in his past.What he misses most in his new life is the applause. I totally don’t buy the concept of a person valuing applause over a quiet n serene existence. I believe his condition would be equally good/ bad despite of whether or not he had glory in the past.

The film is believed to be inspired by a host of Hollywood films—The Prestige, The Sea Inside, Whose Life is it Anyway ….

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Tanu Weds Manu

Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) is a misguided rebel without cause (smoking ciggies, gulping daaru & making a general idiot of herself) who doesn’t know what she wants. One moment she declares she is  sick of everyone talking of only shaadi, shaadi, shaadi & next moment she is raring to elope to do shaadi.  One moment she declares that she changes boyfriend every week, next she wants to elope with her BOYFRIEND to get married…it’s never clear if she has one or many boyfriends (this premise keeps changing from scene to scene).

Manu (Madhavan) is a wimp leading such a pathetic existence & is so starved for female  company in London that he ‘falls in love’ with Tanu  on their 1st meeting even though she has passed out (just don’t ask why and how). Having failed to impress Tanu even with his NRI Doctor credentials  he tries to help Raja (jimmy Shergil) to get married to Tanu but all the while tries psychological gimmicks on sly to win over Tanu’s love (gifting her a collage of her snaps, telling about his miserable, lonely life in London, which apparently moves her so much that her fledgling love for him turns into rock solid devotion!!! ). It would be apt to add here that Manu is as confused as Tanu. One moment he acts magnanimous by buying garlands for Raja’s n Tanu’s forthcoming court marriage, next moment he refuses to give a pen for signing the Register thus warding off the marriage itself!!!

Obviously their ‘love story’ is as irritating as they are. Sample a scene between the two.

The Wimp: I make pacemakers in London. It’s a device which makes one’s heartbeats faster.

The Overly bubbly, irritating wannabe nonconformist: Hey even I can do this. (Not make the pace-makers that is but make hearts beat faster like the pace-makers do!!!) (Duh)

After much dramabazi finally Tanu n Manu get to wed each other. Good for them, ‘cos they deserve each other. Even the goon Raja has more sense & maturity & honor for his words than these two.

 I could’ve given this shaadi a miss. The story sucks. The characters suck (The only character I liked was was that of Deepak Dobriyal as Manu’s friend Pappi who tries to drum some sense into Manu with witty one liners though to no avail), the acting sucks, even the songs suck big time.

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Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi Ghat showcases ‘slices’ from the lives of four characters & three stories of their unrequited/unattainable loves.

Munna (Prateik) is a Dhobi by the day & a rat killer by the night who manages to fit in some ‘gigoloing’ along the way. He is also an aspiring actor. He falls for a friendly investment Banker from New York, Shai (Monica Dogra) who is on a sabbatical to India to do a photoshoot of the Mumbai under-belly. A friendship develops between the two as Shai does a portfolio photoshoot for Munna who in turn gives her a guided tour of dhobi ghat & such places in Mumbai. Shai is a bubbly woman who bonds with people irrespective of their class. There’s an interesting scene in the movie where Shai invites Munna for a cup of tea in her home which Munna accepts awkwardly. Her maid who considers Munna below Shai’s standards, brings a cup (for Shai) & a glass (for Munna) of tea. Shai picks up the glass gives the cup to Munna. Not that it’s a big deal but it is in a way when the world is full of snobs who talk down to people just because they don’t have rank, power or money & they do jobs which are too lowly for the snobs.

Shai is interested in a recluse & whimsical painter Arun (Aamir Khan).

Arun in turn is smitten by Yasmin (played brilliantly by Kriti Malhotra) whom he ‘meets’ only through ‘video diaries/letters’ made by her meant to be sent to her brother in U.P. but are found by Arun who rents the same home as Yasmeen later.

Her story unfolds entirely through her videos only. She come across as simple, sensitive (There’s a scene in which she laments the cutting of goat on bakri id saying it’s the saddest thing to cut up a goat which one has brought up so lovingly) & lively girl. She had a lust for life, a passion for enjoying the life to the fullest. But her fate is tragic. Life has other plans for her & she succumbs to them.

Arun, a self proclaimed recluse who doesn’t want to get intimate with anyone develops an emotional bond with Yasmin. Strange are the ways of love. Yasmin also becomes the muse for his paintings.

Out of the four stories I found Yasmin’s most Intriguing & endearing. Her story is probably the only one that reaches a definite conclusion.

The movie moves in & out of the four lives. The stories are gripping & hold one’s interest for the duration & keep one thinking about them for quite some time. The casting of the movie is perfect n each actor is able to sink into the skin of the character & give a totally natural performance.

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Bheja Fry: Must Watch Movies #7

Bheja Fry (2007) is an out n out Vinay Pathak film. It’s a situaltional comedy with no over the top loud acting trying too hard to make you laugh (a la khichdi).

Ranjit Thadani (Rajat Kapoor) n his pals have a quirky past time wherein they get together every Friday night n entertain themselves at the cost of an Idiot which the friends have to bring by rotation. The one who brings the idiotest idiot wins. Apparently they take this past time very seriously. The film is about the happenings of a single night where Ranjit invites his greatest idiot find Mr. Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak) a lovable n emotional tax officer who breaks out into a song at every given opportunity. He doesn’t seem to notice even if the person in front is not interested. He just goes on n on n does his stuff. This is also the night when Ranjit has broken his back in a freak accident n his wife gets mad at him n decides to leave him. During the course of night the stupid idiot messes an already messed up situation by making several phone calls n mind you he’s only trying to help Ranjit win back his wife but achieving quite the opposite. Once Bharat Bhushan has a plan to rescue the situation there is no stopping him n he somehow manages to convince Ranjit to let him(Bhushan) help him (Ranjit) against his (Ranjit’s) best judgement n wishes. Thus the tables are turned. & joke is now on Ranjit who wanted to have fun at the expense of Bharat Bhushan. Bharat Bhushan thoroughly fries Ranjit’s bheja with his non stop chatter.

This movie is a remake of French film’Le Dinner De Cons’ (1998) & it’s English remake ‘Dinner Games’(1999). It received a lot of flak ‘cos this fact is nowhere acknowledged in the credits. Nevertheless it’s a great watch if only for Vinay Pathak’s perfect comic timing.

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My Take on Peepli Live

Peepli Live is easily one of the best movies I’ve watched in 2010 (Others being 3 Idiots, Raat Gayi Baat Gayi & Aashaiyen). My interest was piqued after seeing the promos n clippings on youtube n needless to say that the movie didn’t disappoint.

It’s a satire on today’s ‘sensational’ media (who will go to any lengths to get their next sensational ‘News’), politcians (who will use any one to save their ‘kursi’), Government policies (Govt officials giving Hand pump to a farmer on the verge of losing his land n committing suicide!!!), & human nature itself (the elder brother convincing younger Natha to commit suicide to save ‘their’ land, people setting up up their shops around Natha’s house…a carnival like atmosphere springs up around his house…no one seems to care about Natha’s death…everyone is eager to grind their own axe…even his son asks him when will he die so that the son can become a ‘Thekedar/Hawaldar’!!).

The story revolves around 2 brothers Natha n Budhia who are facing selling their ancestral land to pay their debts. They hear about a ‘scheme’ where the family of a farmer who commits suicide will get Rs. One Lakh. Before he realizes the younger brother Natha (Brilliantly played by Omprakash Manikpuri) is talked into committing suicide by his crafty elder brother Budhia. This catches the attention of media who want to grab their biggest sensational story of “live Suicide” & politicians ‘cos elections are just right around the corner. Everyone has an opinion whether Natha should die or not…whether Natha will die or not…no one seems to care about the poor guy n his extreme plight.

A very small n subtle but extremely important sub plot revolves around another poor landless village guy named Hori Mahato who dies un noticed working endlessly digging earth to make his meager living(?). No one is interested to ‘cover’ his death ‘cos his story is not sensational.

The story is poignant yet comedic. The performances by the characters   are Natural.

The songs are relevant n meaningful (not the run of mill bollywood types) especially ‘chola mati ke ram’ which is spiritual n philosophical song on the inevitability of Death.

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3 Idiots: A Great Entertainer but Idiotic in parts

I could very well begin this write up with the Mandatory warning—Spoilers ahead but I’m sure by now everyone n their dog have watched the movie so it wouldn’t spoil the party for anyone. The first reaction on coming out of this movie was that it led to a definitely upbeat mood….the movie has that certain feel good kind of effect on one n all, as was expected out of Raju Hirani & Aamir Khan.. This is the story of Ranchoddas Shyamlal Chachad aka Rancho aka Funsuk Wangdu (cute names all) & how he touches n changes the lives of those around him (a la Munnabhai MBBS…infact I think Rancho n his chutzpah was closer to Munnabhai MBBS rather than based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel character) …the guy has very unique approach to life (which was what I liked best in the movie)…the spirit of Rancho is very well captured in the song ‘Behti hawa sa tha woh’– ‘ Hum Ko To Raahein Thi Chalati / Woh Khud Apni Raah Banata /Girta, Sambhalta,Masti Mein Chalta Tha Woh/ Hum Ko Kal Ki Fikr Sataati/ Woh Bus Aaj Ka Jashn Manaata/ Har Lamhe Ko Khul Ke Jeeta Tha Woh…..Hum Sahme Se Rehte Koovein Mein/ Woh Nadiya Mein Gotae Lagata/ Ulti Dhara Cheer Ke Tairta Tha Woh/ Baadal Awara Tha Woh’…..another lively n upbeat number encapsulating Baba Ranchod Das’ philosophy is ‘All Izz Well’—‘ Jab life ho out of control/ Honthon ko kar ke gol/ Honthon ko kar ke gol
Seeti bajaa ke bol/ Aal izzz well’ ..but some of the things are not really well with the movie which put the movie in the category of great entertainer but not impeccable…I had the greatest problem with over the top n unrealistic scenes in the movie n how everything happened only at the End moment…~Farhaan (Madhavan) gets a call to meet Rancho when his flight has just taken off n he  makes the flight revert by feigning sickness…once on the ground he
conviniently says he’s okay n runs away …I mean helloooooooooooooo one can’t get away doing so, so lightly…~ Rancho’s frenz decide to unite Pia (kareena) & Rancho just when she’s about to take saat pheras in shaadi kaa mandap. ~ Farhaan n Raju reach asli Ranchod Das’ place when his father has just died n his arthi is lying  there….c’mmon gimme a break with soo many unreal n over-dramatic scenes despite of which the movie was great but ‘cos of  which can’t be called outstanding.

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