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Celebrating the Slack

We here at Ritusthoughtcatcher have kickstarted the celebration of the slack a few days ago (see the current reading list)….here I officially declare the Anthem for slackers

The Art of Doing Nothing–Naonem

I’ve looked at all the options

None are feasible to me

I’ve done a hundred workshops

But as strange as it may seem

Nothing seems right for me
For many different reasons
Looks like I should stick to
What I do brilliantly
Where my real talent lies and cannot be denied
Is in the art of doing nothing I tell you I do just fine
Where I can never get bored, where I have limited flaws
Is in the art of doing nothing I’m a professional bugger all
I wanted to be a pilot but I’m seven feet tall
I could have been a basketball champion
But I can’t control a ball
I would have worn a tie, worked in some company
But I couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery

It’s of use to no one
It doesn’t earn much doe
But I don’t do any damage
I’m nobody’s foe
It’s an honest profession, I don’t cheat or lie
I’m not polluting, rolling in it, manipulating people’s minds
Some say you need a goal to make life worthwhile
But what about a movie and a bottle of wine

Listen to this Awesome Fabulous n Inspiring song here:

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A very Catchy & Rhythmic Song–Somebody to Love

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Night In Istanbul

I ran into this video courtesy my FB friend Guney Karaman from Turkey…not only is the music amazing but the visuals are simply out of this world….it makes my resolve to visit Greece n Turkey at some point of time in future a little bit more firm

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Vivaldi-Four Seasons




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Tere Mere Sapne Ab Ek Rang Hai–Guide–Beautiful Lyrics

tere mere sapane ab ek hai.n
ho jahaa.N bhii le jaae.n raahe.n, ham hai.n

tere mere dil kaa, tay thaa ik din milanaa
jaise bahaar aane par, tay hai phuul kaa khilanaa
o mere jiivan saathii…

tere dukh ab mere, mere sukh ab tere
tere ye do nainaa, chaa.nd aur suuraj mere
o mere jiivan saathii…

laakh manaa le duniyaa, saath na ye chhuuTegaa
aa ke mere haatho.n me.n, haath na ye chhuuTegaa
o mere jiivan saathii…

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An Ode to Love

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Happy Valentines

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Great Music Videos I Discovered/Rediscovered this month

Of all the great tracks I ran into Affirmations–Savage Garden is my absolute Favorite cos it has very deep meaningful lyrics + a very catchy tune & a funky fast paced feel to it

Return to Innocence–Enigma
Again combo of nice touching lyrics + catchy tune

Always look on the Bright side of life–Monty Python

You are my Favorite Mistake–Sheryl Crow

A breakup song with an attitude…ofcourse my favorite break-up song is Irreplacable by Beyonce & What hurts the most by Rascal Flatts but this one is also kinda good enough…i loved the words my favorite mistake…what an attitude to have!!!

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