These are a few of my favorite things: #29 (Music by Faran Ensemble)

Faran Ensemble

Me & The Hubs just love the music by Faran Ensemble. We don’t seem to get enough of it. In fact the Hubs loves listening to it as he drifts off to sleep. Their music is not ordinary. It touches your soul. It stirs something within you. It is soothing & Meditative. N their videos are just as beautiful. There is something very very calm n simple about the videos that adds to the serenity that is created by their music. Their videos are shot in beautiful desert n show simple things like coffee being made from fresh coffee beans n enjoyed by friends while playing music and beautiful Dessert landscape in the background. No flashy lights that hurt the eyes here or 100s of ladies dancing in the background. The faces of Musicians are very calm n dignified. Their faces n their music reflects the beauty of their soul.

Here are three of my most favorite videos from Faran Ensemble

Faran is a musician trio, who joined each other in a spiritual quest, expressed in music and sounds.Faran Ensemble is a three player group, who joined each other in a spiritual quest, expressed in music and sounds. It has been years now thatthese players have deeply engaged themselves in studying the musical instruments and the theory of music with the best teachers in the country and abroad.

Faran Ensemble’s FaceBook Page

Basic Info

Founded 2010

Genre Original Ethnic – World Music

Members Roi Smila ~ KAMANTCHE
Gad Tidhar ~ OUD
Refael Ben-Zichri ~ PERCUSSION

General Manager Ziv Hand

Influences Arabic & Turkish Makam, Azeri Mugam, Persian Dastgah,world music, Phsycodelic rock, classical western music, jazz


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