These are a few of my favorite things: #20 (Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment by Natheniel Hawthrone)

Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment by Natheniel Hawthrone

Dr. Heidegger, an eccentric scientist, invites his old friends Colonel Killigrew, Mr. Gascoigne, Mr. Medbourne, Madam Wycherly & tells them about discovery of water from the fountain of youth. All the four are very eager to grow young again n greedily drink the potion. They indeed grow young again & start behaving in their old ways, dancing, flirting, chasing money n being engrossed in politics. Dr Heidegger himself is wise & says that having taken up so much time to grow old & wise, he has no desire to grow young again. But his friends share none of his wisdom. They see old age as something dull & youth as the only desirable thing. They want to have their beauty & vitality back , not realizing that their youth was wasted in silly pursuits. In fact they represent the majiority attitude in our society which worships youth & dreads old age. I’ve heard many folks (esp women) saying that they want to be 16 forever!!! Why can’t people age gracefully, enjoy the wisdom that comes with age, instead of running after youth??…youth was fine while it lasted but there is a time for everything. I for one am loving growing older…don’t wanna be 18 till I die. I’m 37 going on 75.

The belief that youth is the happiest time of life is founded on a fallacy. The happiest person is the person who thinks the most interesting thoughts and we grow happier as we grow older.”–William Lyon Phelps

“Aging is no accident. It is necessary to the human
condition, intended by the soul. We become more characteristic of who we are simply by lasting into later years; the older we become, the more our true natures emerge. Thus the final years have a very important purpose: the fulfillment and confirmation of one’s character.”
James Hillman

“I don’t know why people are so afraid of getting old…there are tremendous gains…the ease and the security of feeling essentially being able to cope…” Hedda Bolgar

Here is George Carlin telling us advantages of growing old (1.40 mins onwards)

Read the story here:

& watch it in action here:



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