Kadwa Chauth: Heights of Stupidity

Every year I start squirming & getting uncomfortable around this time of the year, a time when women in North India celebrate a festival called Karva chauth, where they fast all day for the long life of their husbands!! This is the most stupid n ridiculous thing in a married Indian women’s life (which is incidentally full of absurdities like special adornments such as sindoor to flaunt their marital status!!!). To begin with it’s very illogical: how can one person’s fasting/feasting effect another’s length of life? But madness doesn’t end here..they have to further the non sense by doing things like touching their hubbies’ feet!!! What happened to egalitarian nature of marriage?? This year I tried to stay away from this topic which drives me nuts but with Facebook everything just keeps coming straight into my face…there is no way of avoiding the absurdities (women are falling over each other in flaunting their moronic misadventures!!!)…here are the thoughts of women on the ‘specialness’ of Karwa chauth in their life…excuse me while I go & throw up:

#1 karva chauth means to me as u how much u love ur beloved . with a pure heart u r full day on fast just fr him n only him. getting dressed in red its truely awesome. waiting fr the moon its beauty is different on this day. the first sip of water frm ur hubby all is awesomestttttttttt:-) cant be explained the feeling in words (sic)

#2 i like the first sip of water which my hubby offers 2 me…nd also by keeping fast i can make my hubby realise that how much i care bout him.

#3 I think its fun to get add on attention from your husband …That extra dose of care,warmth & love which makes u forget all the effort u have put in fasting 🙂 🙂 It definately makes the bond stronger !

#4 karva chuath is a special day for me because, while offering prayers to god i thank him for creating my man and blessing me with his companionship, which is so precious and dear to me. on this day i observe a nirjal vrath to thank the gods for their beautful creation and making my life so meaningful,its not a tradition followed in my family, am the first one practising it because this day gives me a chance to let my man know how much i worship his association.It is to thank the gods and shower affection on my husband and make our relationship more pure and divine…i dont know and not aware of any stories assoiated with this tradition.

#5 for me ‘karwa chauth’ is the day on which i can try to make my husband’s life so long so that he looks after me always.. And i jast want to show him that how much i love him and how many things i can left for him.. And aditionaly i like to wear heavy red dresses nd do makup so tht he can see my actual beauty with ful of love.. Lartly i love my husbnd so much i can do every single day as ‘karwa chauth’ ..to take his love for ths birth nd for next 6 births..

hmmm…I really don’t know when these women will wake up & see some sense & stop this derogatory madness…seriously who needs this dumb festival??


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  1. Tamana replied:

    Nice article. Thanks for linking me. Here’s some food for thought for you:

    The origin of this fast initially started in ancient times. In India back then, girls were married at a very young age. Generally, once married they would move to another town or village far away from their parents and siblings. In this new town they would have or know no one other than their in-laws and husband. So, if they ever were to incur hard-times or disputes with their in-laws or husband, they would have no one to talk to or ask for help.

    Thus, Karwa Chauth was started for that main purpose. Once a girl was to be married off, she would befriend someone from that town. This female would then become her best-friend or sister for life. They would be there for each other through thick or thin.

    The fasting and praying for their husband’s prosperity and long-life came during more recent times. However, this part of the festivity may have been added through mythical tales. Of course, the husband would also have some significance during this festivity as the union of the two sisters started off due to the marriage. However, it is secondary to the initial reason for celebrating.

    Yes today, women will still get together on this day and pray together. They dress up like brides and fast all day, then open their fasts together. However, the true significance of this festival has been lost by modern times.http://zidditamana.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/karwa-chauth/

  2. ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

    Hey Tamana,

    Welcome to my blog n thanks for your comment..well I liked your blog a lot, but at this moment we have to agree to disagree on this particular topic. 🙂

    • Tamana replied:

      Hi Ritu, glad you liked my blog. As fir thus particular topic, you’re write we’ll have to agree to disagree. But so you know, although I am like those “stupid women” you referred to, the significance of this fast and day hold other reasons for me. Of course, I want my would be to live a ling, prosperous life; but last year when u kept this fast, I prayed for me and him tO be together and my prayers were answered as we will be married soon. 🙂

      Anyway, I really like your blog and sense of writing. Keep it up.


  3. ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

    Ahem Tamana…I didn’t keep any fast any year but I’m married to my sweet heart for the last two years n we are still in the honey moon period!!

  4. riya replied:

    hi if u don’t believe than dont do it its your opinion but at least dont say other stupid or excuse who believe in their culture and religion. it is not right at all you can give your opinion but no insult others feelings and believe i think……………

  5. Buffy replied:

    i agree completely, it is stupid ritual, nothing more than sacrificing bakri on bakri id… there are other less masochistic ways to show love for ur husband. And one needs to question whether this wonderful husband of urs will be interested in doing nirjal fast for the long life of his devoted husband worshipping wife???

    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      lolz Buffy…like me you don’t mince words…n besides how can our being hungry prolong anyone’s life?? But tell it to fasting ladies n they get mad at us only….

  6. Pavithra replied:

    Loved it!! Exactly, my thought!! 🙂 Thank you for calling a spade a spade

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