Quitting the Rat Race #9: Don’t be A DINK, DITK, DIOK

A cook sautees onions and peppers.

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I was talking to my friend a few days back & she happened to mention about her couple friend, both husband & wife hold good Jobs in MNCs, are making good money, have no kids, & have no time for frivolous activities like cooking at home. So every single day they go out to eat!! I was incredulous. What use is all the money in the world if we can’t take care of basics thing in life like eating. Eating out every day is seriously injurious to health.

It is my serious belief that only one of the spouses should work outside the home, to earn the bread & butter. If both work, home life invariably suffers, no exceptions. When I stopped working after marriage, one of the major reasons among many was I wanted to give my hubby home cooked lunch, I didn’t want him to eat cafeteria food everyday. & since he has to go to office really early in the morning, I have to get up early & there is no way I could finish cooking, get ready & go to my own work. So making lunch in the morning & a good snack in the evening are apparently more important to me than cold hard cash. Also both of us coming home carrying stress from the outside world did not sound very appealing to me. I am always ready to welcome him with a smile when he comes home tired & stressed. When he come we spend peaceful time together. I can let go of the money part for a better quality of life. Some couples earn more but their quality of life sucks. & if one spouse manages the home efficiently, you can actually prevent lotsa wastage. Thus a penny saved is equivalent to a penny earned n wasted. 


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