I Love my ‘Boring’ Life

Yesterday I was chatting with an acquaintance & he happened to ask me about my routine to which I quite honestly replied that it includes ‘cooking, cleaning, reading, spending time on the internet, cooking some more, talking on the phone with mom n few friends sporadically,  & spending some quiet time with hubby’ …then he wanted to know if I had any local friends..though I am a reasonably friendly person, I never go out n actively seek friends..I make friends when I bump into somebody like minded n that sure is happening lesser n lesser these days..the reason is simple , like Henry David Thoreau I find no companion as companionable as solitude. I just love spending time with myself, engaged in my own thoughts. I was telling these things very matter of factly & suddenly he remarked ‘Ritu, you sound bored!’ & I was quite dumbfounded ‘cos I’m having a pretty good time in my life & all the stuff that I do is pretty exciting to me…in fact I can’t wait to get up n get started with my ‘routine’…I’ve never been bored in life…only boring people get bored..though my day might sound dull to people whose idea of having a good time is equated with having loads of people around, partying, going to clubs n general thrill n excitement seeking…yup to those people my slow n almost Zen like like life might sound boring…but this is what I choose…this is what makes me happy..this kind of peace is what I’ve been seeking & now have luckily managed to have in life…achieving this ‘boring’ lifestyle’ is my major success in life…I don’t want/ intend to be a super woman who can manage both home n career n children n goodness only knows what else..I want to spend my time peacefully, intentionally, deliberately, mindfully, slowly…I want to spend my time n days in sweet contemplation n general lazing around…slowly pottering around doing a bit of work interspersed with ample resting n recuperating time..this is the life I choose…if it seems boring to the rest of the world…too bad!!!

” Boredom exists only when you don”t enjoy doing nothing”!!!


September 2, 2011. Tags: , , . Happiness, Hmm..., I-Me-Myself, Meaning of Life, MEMEME, My lifestyle, My Values, Personal, Rambling, Reflections/Musings, Schizoid, Slacking.


  1. irfan replied:

    I think i can very well relate with this sort of life style…even i like to be calm and doing things in my own way and spending lot of time with ME…….

    moreover it doesn’t matter what other think about our living, in the end what counts is “whether we are satisfied or not with what we do and how we do….???

    Nice Post……

  2. ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

    I am glad that this lifestyle resonates with you Irfan…n yup you are right we need not worry what others think, let alone convince them to our point of view but it’s just that sometimes a stray remark from someone gives us a center to give shape to our thoughts n philosophy….nice to see you here n I too caught up with your blog…been away from blogging n blog world for ages. 🙂

  3. terry1954 replied:

    this sounds so much like me but mixed in a jumble of things that have to do with sick brother. thanks for the ping back

  4. studiolightblue replied:

    Wow, it sure sounds like we’re on the same page!!

    I often tell people (when they ask why I like to travel alone) that “I’m my favorite person to hang out with!”.

    And its so true!!

    I like to do what I like to do. I’m always willing to go where I want to go. I like to eat where I like to eat, etc., etc..etc.
    And its definitely not from boredom! I love spending time alone.

    Thanks for stopping by my site and for linking it here!

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