Pyar Ka Panchnama

Punchnama is a Hindi word which means Postmortem report. Hence, Pyaar ka Punchnama would mean Postmortem of Love. But it is a Botched up Postmortem report. It is Based on the Premise that all relationships are doomed to fail & the reason for failure in one word is ‘Women’. As per the movie the relationships fail because women are dominating, over-possessive, chatter boxes & Manipulating!! Poor guys keep on taking all the nonsense from the Ladies until they can’t bear it any more & that’s when the relationship ends.

It is the story of 3 friends Rajat (Kartik), Chaudhary (Raayo) and Liquid (Divyendu) who are foot loose & fancy free till they meet their lady loves. Rajat meets Neha who is over possessive & clingy, Liquid meets Charu who is manipulative & uses him to run errands for her & Chaudhary meets Ria who is still not over her ex. Towards the end of the film Rajat breaks into a long monologue of how guys suffer at the hands of females which is supposed to be very hilarious but only if you can find humor in such depravity & MCPness…to me it looked like typical male behavior: lay all the blame on women..The 1st time Adam got a chance he laid all the blame on Eve…looks like things have not changed much since those times!!

This movie could have been witty & fun if it had taken a balanced look at relationships n why they end. Both genders have their quirks which contributes towards the difficulties in relationship. To take a lopsided view is foolish & retarded.

P.S.: My Lawyer friend Vijay tells me that ‘Panchnama is the first notings that are made at the scene of a crime by the Police officer and witnessed by Panchas, i.e., eye witnesses.’ but oh well the rest of the review stands good all the same!!!

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May 29, 2011. Tags: . Hindi Movies, Movies.


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  2. jhakaasyabakwaas replied:

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  3. Mahendra replied:

    I would say there are 10% such women in this world..Not all the women are like that..This movie is about women who use men…

  4. Sunny replied:

    I only opened this post to correct your meaning of punchnama, and then I read your postscript. Once again I get to blame a woman for spoiling my fun. Hurray!

  5. Akash Walia replied:

    For me, this was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen …. downright pathetic.
    Right from the plot, to the cast, direction, cinematography, dialogues/script, just didn’t connect.

    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      Great to know that a guy this way too…I mean all boys are going gaga over it ‘cos it takes the boys’ side…it’s their point of view after all

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