Chalo Dilli

Chalo Dilli is a light hearted movie with a serious lesson & the lesson is ‘to lighten up’ in life, take the chill pill, let go of big concerns over petty issues.Mihika Banerjee (Lara Dutaa) who runs a multi crore investment bank is very uptight about every small thing in life. She is totally career oriented & doesn’t know how to relax. Every trivial thing irritates her. She wants the things to happen as She pleases, but life obviously has other plans & life of course goes on as IT pleases. Mihika misses her flight to Delhi n one thing leads to another & what would’ve been just a short flight from Mumbai to Delhi becomes one hell of a memorable long Cab, Train, camel, jeep & what not ride with an unlikely co-passenger, Manu Gupta (Vinay Pathak) who is everything Mihika is not. He is a totally chilled out guy, nothing unfazes him. His answer to all the troubles big n small is ‘Kaun see badi baat ho gayi?’ (What’s the big deal?). He makes friends with everyone along the journey, be it a truck driver, waiter at restaurant, goons or co-passengers or a politician. He has fun no matter what. By the time this journey ends Manu’s attitude rubs on to Mihika & she also learns to have fun on the way instead of making a big deal out of trivials. The movie is refreshing & light hearted though it gets annoying at times like where Mihika is given a crash course in the importance of having children in life…the lessons went a bit too far with Manu declaring something along the lines of ‘Everything in life is done for children only’!!! Go man get a life n gimme a break!!!..

 Mostly when I enjoy a hindi movie, I invariably learn that it’s a remake of some English movie…this movie is also no exception. I read in another review that ‘Chalo Dilli is a reworking of John Hughes’ 1987 comedy Planes, Trains and Automobiles, in which Steve Martin and John Candy played mismatched strangers who take a life-altering trip together. ’…not that this fact took away any of the fun for me…Vinay Gupta’s acting is impeccable as ever & his character just takes up from where he left at “Bheja Fry’, a goofy person who can do no right despite always being well meaning & a guy who despite of his  goof ups of epic proportion has his heart in the right place. Lara Dutta too suits her role n has acted well.


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  1. Vikram Karve replied:

    Nice Review. Must see.

  2. ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

    Thanks Vikram…hope you enjoy the movie 🙂

  3. jammy replied:

    i loved the movie …specially the ending was good …somehow most of the movie this guys does r good ..for example the movie where he creates a list of things b4 he dies …that was also a good movie …overall i liked the movie ..only if a lil more effort would ve put in could ve been much better …

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