A 100% Perfect Love Story:On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning by Haruki Murakami

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami

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‘On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful morning’ is one of my most favorite short stories by one of my most favorite authors, Haruki Murakami. The story tells us that we don’t fall in love with people who are beautiful as in being Ms or Mr Universe but with people who are beautiful to Us (there’s a quote which goes like this: Do I love her because she is beautiful or is she beautiful because I love her??)…they might not be 100% perfect (Beautifully Imperfect) but they are 100% perfect for us anyways. Sometimes we cross paths with them but things don’t go further because maybe we don’t muster the courage to express our feelings & the moments pass us by forever or mabe  we have to let them go because perhaps the timing is not right…but there are lucky few who meet their 100% perfect partners & have their own happily ever after…some people wait for a 100% perfect person to arrive in their life but they fail to appreciate the simple truth that there is no such thing as perfection in life only what is good (/perfect) for us.  As this joke goes:

A friend asked a gentleman how it is that he never married? Replied the gentleman, ” Well, i guess I just never met the right woman … I guess I’ve been looking for the perfect girl.”
“Oh, come on now,” said the friend, ” Surely you have met at least one girl that you wanted to marry.”
“Yes, there was one girl… once. I guess she was the one perfect girl.. the only perfect girl I really ever met. She was just the right everything … I really mean that she was the perfect girl for me.”
“Well, why didn’t you marry her,” asked the friend. “She was looking for the perfect man” he said.

Perhaps this Gentleman has not yet realized the wisdom : ‘ Don’t love the one who is beautiful to the world; Love the one who makes your world Beautiful’

Okay enough said…this enthralling story begins with magical words:

‘One beautiful April morning, on a narrow side street in Tokyo’s fashionable Harujuku neighborhood, I walked past the 100% perfect girl. Tell you the truth, she’s not that good-looking. She doesn’t stand out in any way. Her clothes are nothing special. The back of her hair is still bent out of shape from sleep. She isn’t young, either – must be near thirty, not even close to a “girl,” properly speaking. But still, I know from fifty yards away: She’s the 100% perfect girl for me. The moment I see her, there’s a rumbling in my chest, and my mouth is as dry as a desert. ‘


You can read the story here:


or better still watch it right here:


I Hope you enjoy this beautiful story as much as I do 🙂

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  1. 100% perfect girl « Fraghera replied:

    […] A 100% Perfect Love Story:On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning by Haruki Mura… (ritusthoughtcatcher.wordpress.com) […]

  2. Mardia replied:

    awwwwwww watching this actually helped me understand the story thank you! it was pretty emotional too 😦

  3. ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

    Reblogged this on Ritu’s Weblog and commented:

    These are a few of my favorite things:#5 (On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning by Haruki Murakami)

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