Thank You: Movie Review

Thank you is a study in stereotypes & clichés about the genders. While all men (without any exception) are lecherous womanizers & perpetual cheaters (they want to have fun with other women but for some reason they still want to stay married to their wives ‘cos wife, we are told, is the one they REALLY love…they just don’t realize it as yet…Anees Bazmi has reiterated this theme repeatedly since he made ‘No Entry’) , women are fools who buy into the philadering husbands’ stupid alibis & even do Karwa Chauth for them (I’m totally against any vrat for any pati whether philandering or not, but I’ll tackle this issue later, in another post). The men are justified for their misdemeanours on the grounds that ‘aadmi ki fitrat hee aisee hoti hai kee use bacche apne aur biwi parayi acchi lagti hai’. & when women discover about the hubby’s adventures they blackmail him to sponsor more n more shopping for her/ try to commit suicide/ takes hold of his property by chicanery. This is the woman’s revenge!! It portrays sexist attitudes like it’s a woman’s duty to serve hot chai to pati while swallowing all her self-respect & take his barbs in her stride & that if a woman pays a bill she is trying to dominate, men should keep on paying the bills to maintain their superior status in the relationship. Irfan Khan mentioned in an interview that the movie is an ode to housewives…an ode or an insult??

The less said about the story, the better because it is just a culmination of highly unlikely & absurd situations. Basically it’s about 3 wives who suspect their hubbies of cheating on them & hire a detective (Akshay Kumar as Kisna) to find out more. The detective himself is an  ex-philaderer who now having realized the greatness of a wife, is out to save other people’s marriages by sharing the lessons he has learnt about the greatness of wife with other hubbies (This doesn’t stop him from having an affair with other people’s wives, as is shown in his introduction scene where he is playing a flue n lot of skimply dressed women are dancing to his tune & a hubby comes with goons to shoot at him ‘cos Kisna is having an affair with his wife!!!!).

The comedy (??) can make only those people laugh who are not already put off by the ubiquitous sexist crap. I could laugh only at 2-3 places but the audience around me found some reason to laugh uproariously. Akshay suits the role & he n Suneil shetty got me a few laughs despite myself. Sonam Kapoor looks emaciated & perpetually confused. The music is actually jarring to the ears. The only foot thumping number is ‘pyaar do, pyaar lo’ but it loses out because of it’s sexist lyrics (Benamak, be-asar, dal jaisee agar, ghar kee murgi ho jaaye tau, pyar do, pyar lo…if your start finding your wife bland like daal then have fun with the spicy women outside…husbands apparently don’t become bland & their wife remains devoted to them eternally). The only thing I liked in the movie is Kisna’s flue which I found teally melodious!! The movie has been shot in Canada. Cinematography is exceptional but it can’t salvage a bad story, can it??

Director: Anees Bazmee
Producer: Twinke Khanna

 Cinematography: Ravi Yadav

Star Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Irrfan Khan, Sunil Shetty, Celina Jaitley, Rimi Sen

Music: Pritam

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April 9, 2011. Tags: . Hindi Movies, Movies.


  1. Game: Movie Review « Ritu’s Weblog replied:

    […] Thank You | Turning 30!!! | Up! | Mirch | Roman Holiday  […]

  2. Sunny replied:

    Thank you for the review. Since I am a sexist myself I think I might like it, but I kinda hate all 3 heroines in the cast. The only cast member I respect in this is Irfan Khan. But Akshay Kumar is good for cheap laughs. I stopped expecting decent, good comedy from Bollywood years ago, it’s all about cheap laughs now.

  3. ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

    Hmmm…Sunny you n a sexist?? How?? Very difficult to imagine that!!! I had huge proble with Irfan’s character–he’s the one who is womanizer + biggest sexist (He practices & advocates an upper hand for men in marraige)…I liked Akshay for his flute act!!! & one dialogue where I was laughing for some reason that happens after he has tried everything to expose Bobby’s real character to his wife but she still buys into Bobby’s stupid alibis n declares ‘he’s a great man’!! to this Akshay say ‘Hai yeh kab great bana?? kal hee tau yeh rangge hatho pakdaya dusre kee biwi ke saath, yeh kab great bana?? The expression on his face n the way he said it had me in splits…hmmm I loved one dialogue by Irfaan where he says ‘hame mat pakdo bhai, hum tau seedhe log hai, pyar do, pyar lo waale log hai!!’

  4. Vikram Karve replied:

    Nice balanced review. Now I am going to read your reviews before deciding to see a movie

    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      Hey thanks Vikram…I’m glad that you think it’s a balanced review ‘cos I was definitely angry when when I saw this chauvinistic blasphemy…now to remain balanced even when angry is something…I hope I’m able to do justice to my analysis of movie in future too 🙂

  5. IRFANUDDIN replied:

    Hi Ritu…. I have taken the Tag now….click here

  6. ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

    Read it Irfan…interesting as usual…n yeah thanks for the way you described me in one word ‘Charismatic’…you did a better job than me here…lolz

  7. Anil Tiwari replied:


    Good review. But why the movie has been named “Thank You”? Not understood.It seems movie…. basically a cheap comedy.

    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      Thanks Wingco Tiwari…the movie is called ‘Thank you’ ‘cos it’s makers think that this movie will make husbands sorry & wives say THANK YOU to them….they couldn’t have been more mistaken!!!

  8. Jennifer replied:

    Great Blog!
    Keep up the good work!

    Choose Happiness & Success!

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