My Grouse Against Cricket Mania (& any other sports mania for that matter)

During the last few days of Cricket World Cup I witnessed the unprecedented frenzy of Cricket Fans in India which is way beyond my understanding. For days people ate, drank & talked only cricket. Wherever I went (online/ offline) I became an inadvertant overhearer of this unwarranted insanity.

How can people become so involved in watching some guys throwing n hitting ball?? Don’t people have something better to do with their lives which will lead to their own enrichment rather than watching others play?? I mean I consider watching sports a total waste of time & at best a voyeuristic pleasure only. Apart from getting some cheap thrills which sports fan somehow seem to be getting it doesn’t enhance one’s life in any way. When I expressed these feelings on Facebook the cricket fans obviously turned angry & asked me how come I ‘Waste’ my time watching movies / reading books?? Now watching movies & reading books are a different Ballgame  altogether (Oops!! An inoppurtune pun): they make you think,  improve your vocabulory, imagination & expression power, it gives you new perspectives, new solutions to problems, newer paradigms in a way that watching sports just can’t.

2nd thing which is even more insane is when the fans claim ‘We won’…they display mad euphoria as if they themselves have played & won the game. This time when India won against Pakistan people came out in hordes on street & were celebrating like loonies as if they had cracked IAS examination in first attempt & topped it.

#3rd it’s only a game & games are advantageous only to those who play n thus get some exercise in the process.

#4th Games should be played in the spirit of a game only without too much focus on winning/losing…a game above everything must be played for the sheer enjoyment & not for gloating over winning. This was the worst thing that I noticed. People started poking malicious jokes at the losing teams as if winners today won’t lose tomorrow & vice versa. All this was done in an extremely bad taste.

Moreover this whole business of worshipping sports keep people stupified & engrossed in other people’s lives to the extent of even considering them Gods!!! & what not instead of celebrating their own lives & achievements: As these pictures each worth 1.5 Billion words display

One would think this is enough madness but noooooooooo…this madness knows no end…the so called fans suffer from delusions & hallucinations. They start believing that they can contribute to the winning even without as much as lifting the bat, n how?? They claim they can do it through some super natural powers like this lady who declared that she would be wearing the same dress that she wore during another match in which India won to make the Team India win again…one Mr. Shah Rukh Khan declared he’ll keep on eating if some Indian player hits a sixer while he is eating!!!! & the stupidest is yet to come…One Ms. Payal Pandey declared she would run naked if the Indian Team wins!!! & she had the nerve to declare after the win that ‘the Magic (???!!!) worked’!!! So the team didn’t win ‘cos they played well or whatever but it is due to the things the loony fans claim they did…haven’t heard of more stupid nonsense!


April 4, 2011. India, Meaning of Life, My lifestyle, My Values, Reflections/Musings, Wisdom.


  1. farhan smile merchant replied:


    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      Thanks…good to see that there are few people left who are not into mindless passive watching others play

  2. Kdayaldas replied:

    We spent 50000 Crores to win this Golden World Cup….

    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      Sadly very few people can see this truth…they have turned blind due to their mad addiction

  3. Sunny replied:

    Hi Ritu. Nice post. I agree with it. People give away their common sense and logical thinking and just do whatever brings them most publicity.

    I have replied to your comment on my post as well.

    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      Yo Sunny when people indulge in this mindless watching, the first thing that flies out of window is rationality & logic.

  4. YASHWANT RATHORE replied:

    Mam, u said that watching movies or reading fictions is more benificial…how can it be????
    As many of our films stimulates youngsters to run from houses n marry…some cuts their veins, wrists…some try to copy spiderman and jumps from huge buildings…some movies are strong enough to support extra marital affairs…nd many more, u 2 know that I guess..

    On the other hand,

    Sports teaches us team work, sportsmen spirit, fighting like anything for our goal etc…these things are of use in actual life…and moreover, unlike your movies, sports are real and people see them live…without any retakes…

    • Satya replied:

      Rathore Sahab, movies and books are about life (even if they exaggerate some aspects). Sports are not about life and that is why they are called “games”. Instead of qualities that you are taking about, sports in their present form are promoting aggression, violence and disturbing peace among nations. Being euphoric about a win in some game reflects philosophical immaturity of mind. Sports fans better accept that they are addicted (and thus sick) instead of trying to justifying their addiction by calling it a passion.

  5. Sunny replied:

    Hey, you have got an award :). Check it out – here

    • satya replied:

      You are welcome Ritu with your enlightening thoughts on your blog. It is reassuring to know that I am not a freak as the crowed thinks. There are large number of people like me and some of them I saw on your blog. Good job !!!

      • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

        That was the genral idea Satya…to find some like minded sane people in a world that has gone totally bonkers over a silly game 🙂

    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      Hey Sunny thanks a ton…my first blog-award ever…i’m super excited 🙂

  6. IRFANUDDIN replied:

    well….this is what the game of Cricket is all about in India….ppl are just crazy abt it….and you just can’t convince them with any logic…..

    BTW a well penned post and you have made ur points loud n clear….
    i m here from Sunil’s blog and genuinely happy to be here, you have got a nice Blog.

    Best wishes.

    • ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

      Thanks Irfanuddin…good to see a blogger here…I checked out your blog & it’s pretty cool…I know I can’t convince anyone to think otherwise…in fact a guy got so upset over my post that he went over hyper: said I should stope spreading my shit ideas (sic) that I’m immature to appreciate the fine game of cricket n what not n unfriended me on FB…it was quite hilarious.

      • IRFANUDDIN replied:

        ha haa… you can find so many ppl like him in our country, who can go to any extent without any logic for their action.
        More over i have seen you have about 1000 frnds at facebook, so what if one goes on this issue 🙂

  7. aakash replied:

    i hate cricket 2 d is a good game bt has been taken way 2 much srsly by ppl,who don’ even kno shit abt playin it.they dont even get d physical benefit of enhancin deir body bt like to sit deir asses down in front of d tv.personally i love to play bball,or any other sport,bt dislike cricket just for the lack of physical activity.

  8. ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

    Exactly Aakash…basically I don’t understand any spectator sport…if you love sports go play…why waste hours on watching?? what’s there to watch n on top of that go totally crazy about the entire thing.

  9. Pearlson replied:

    Hard Hitting and incisive!. I thought I was alone in harboring similar notions about what I term “The great stupidity of the Indian classes and masses”…I am glad to have found an educated bunch of enlightened thinkers here..

    During the world-cup days,I found it extremely futile, reasoning it out with the so called elitely educated people that India winning the world cup or even beating Australia for that matter in the quarter finals was a sheer random event. The whole country came to a stand-still during these days as if a win would be the defining moment in their lives, their careers, their future and their country’s progress.. All in all it did nothing but create fanatics, waste resources-money and time,road accidents(which obviously wouldnt have been reported), make masses out of classes and lop-side development of human progress with the only tangible and intangible beneficiaries being the demi-gods of india-The cricketers!

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