Turning 30!!!: Desi Bridget Jones Sans the Humor!!!

The Movie Turning 30!!! is based on the premise that turning 30 is nothing short of a disaster for women. Not only their biological clock starts to tick away (Whatever that means) but they also start losing their minds & Come up with bizarre theories which they don’t hesitate unleashing on other unsuspecting souls. Sample this:

 Woman #1: My husband was cheating on me, I used to be upset about it & cry bucketfuls but now no more ‘cos now I’ve got a baby, so I don’t care & moreover the baby needs a father!!! (A very compelling reason to let your husband cheat n be very casual about it)

Woman #2: When I turned 30 my husband lost interest in me…so now I’m focussing on my career!!!

Woman #3: When I turned 30 my boobs started sagging…so now I’m saving my hard earned money for a boob job…I want to surprise my hubby!!!

 Woman #4: My career isn’t going anywhere, so I might as well start producing babies!!!

 Woman # 5 & 6 & 7: We are lesbians, we have a right to always make out in the public!!!

 Woman #8: It’s a myth that when a woman turns 30 she is attracted to 40 year old men, the reality is that she is attracted to 22 year old men!!!& this goes on n on…but I can’t go on because I’m tearing my hair at this point!!!

Who are these strange women & where do they live??

In short Turning 30!!! Claims to explore the life & dilemmas of a 30 something urban women as they try to find love, professional success,… but misses it totally.

Basically it tells the story of Naina (Gul Panag) who is dumped by her Boyfriend just a few days short of her 30th Birthday & is facing problems at her work. Her problem is that she can’t get over her ex, she tries to seduce him back to no avail, goes to his house & makes a tamasha…in short totally degrades herself..ironically her excuse for her immature behaviour is that she is now 30 n not 22!!! Meanwhile she’s sleeping with her another ex, Jai (who looks n dresses like Devanand from the 70s) who conveniently walks back in her life at the appropriate time. She tells everyone this Devanand clone is better in bed & treats her nicely but she wants the jerk who dumped her unceremoniously on a day when he was supposed to propose to her!!!

Some people have made comparisons between turning 30!!! & Bridget Jones Diary but Bridget Jones had lots of sense of humor. I was reading an interview of the Director of Turning 30!!! & she had the audacity to claim that Bridget Jones is a loser whereas her Naina is a go getter (if go getter means running after a guy who has made it clear that he is dating n going to marry another woman n saying that you want a baby ‘cos your career is not going anywhere, cheering the choices of a friend who decides to have a baby with a cheating spouse…then Naina is a go getter!!!)..& perhaps Bridget Jones looks like a loser only to people who miss her self deprecating sense of humor.


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