Mirch is a collection of 4 short stories where wives are caught red handed cheating on their husbands & how they use their wit (???) to get out of those situations. These are so called tales of women equality in the right to cheat on their spouses. Afterall why should boys have all the fun??

They are supposed to be tales of Wit but frankly the plot is too thin n the so called wit doesn’t work. In real life no one is going to buy the stupid things the women say to get out of sticky situations.

In the 1st story based on Panchatantra, Raima’s character pretends that she’s making love with a stranger in order to save her husband from disaster n she is doing so on the recommendation of the village priest. So she is in fact making a huge sacrifice for the sake of her hubby!!! The husband is very happy to hear this n she f***s her lover right under her husband’s nose (actually above his nose as he is hiding under the bed to see what she is upto). I don’t see any wit here. Just lot of stupidity. Who is foolish enough to buy these lines?? Wouldn’t the hubby go n verify with the priest or will he accept lies on such grave matters at their face value??

In another tale Raima’s husband (Shreyas Talpade) is suspicious that his wife is cheating on him, so he plans his own sting operation. This doesn’t sit too well with her & she then actually  cheats on him as a revenge for his suspicion!!!

The only story that raises a few genuine points in the battle of cheating spouses n examining the double standards prevelant in our society is the last one with Konkana Sen Sharma n Boman Irani as (mutually cheating on each other) husband n wife. Boman habitually cheats on his wife with prostitutes. Once it so happens is the prostitute is none other than his own wife!!! A question is raised how come the society is okay with a male sleeping with other women (& spending money to do that) but if woman does it ( & earns money doing so) she is labelled a prostitute!!

Cast: Arunoday Singh, Raima Sen, Konkana Sen Sharma, Rajpal Yadav, Shreyas Talpade,  Boman Irani, Prem Chopra, Ila Arun

Director:Vinay Shukla

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  6. Rocky replied:

    It’s a wonderful movie demonstrating women power. Sadly it didn’t get the popularity it deserved. India needs more movies like this. There is no need to make a big deal out of female infidelity. If a woman cheats on her husband because of her sexuality and her sexual needs there is nothing wrong with it. Women have been suppressed unfairly in India for centuries and people behave and treat women as if their sexuality is non existent. Women have their basic sexual needs too and if they have to cheat their husbands and have sex outside marriage for their sexual satisfaction there is nothing wrong with it. I believe it is totally fair for a woman to have sex outside marriage if she wants to satisfy her sexual urges even if her husband is faithful to her. Indian husbands should understand and support the sexual needs of their wives and let them be themselves instead of forcing and restricting them to have sex only with their husband just because he is faithful to her and satisfied with his sex life. From your article it looks as if you are saying the wife can have sex outside marriage only if her husband does so. I can’t disagree more. The wife should have all the freedom to have sex with whomever she wants no matter her husband has only her as his sexual partner or not. After all it is the individual person’s needs and she has all the right to satisfy her sexual urges with whom she wants. Personally in my case only my wife is my sexual partner but my wife has multiple sex partners. She enjoys it and our married life has been wonderful and lovely. I’m gifted to have her in my life and I don’t get jealous when she has sex with so many other men. I know she loves me forever and it will always remain so.

  7. ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

    I don’t see that I implied a woman’s passport to cheat only if husband does so…that you interpreted this implication from my post is totally absurd…having said that I do believe cheating is morally wrong on part of both husband n wife.

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