Guzaarish is a very sensitive & beautiful movie dealing with the taboo subject ‘Death’…the other touching hindi movie dealing with death is ‘Anand’. In both the movies the protagonists are dying yet are ‘full of life’.

Ethan (Hritik Roshan), an erstwhile famous magician  becomes a paraplegic after meeting with an accident &  is confined to his wheel chair & his bed bravely surviving fourteen years celebrating life with immense courage and verve. He has totally lost the use of his limbs. In a very poignant scene he is shown struggling with a fly hovering around his nose. At first he’s greatly disturbed because there isn’t a thing he can do to squat the fly away but after a while he accepts the situation with a smile & an attitude of let go (The serenity to accept the things one cannot change). After losing his Magician career he sets out to be a RJ hosting Radio Zindagi, a show about celebrating life amidst all odds and is an inspiration for his listeners. He is dependent on his nurse Sophia D’souza (Aishwarya Rai) for brushing his teeth, shampooing & even for scratching his nose. (In Fact Ethan is totally dependent on her…he asks her to break a vase as an outlet to vent his anger on his behalf!!!). Sophia  is also madly in love with him Despite all this Ethan has had enough of his confined life & he files a petition for Euthanasia. Evidently very few people support him in this, everyone feels he must live & the show must go on. No one can understand what he has been going through. There’s a night when drops of rain are falling on his face from a leaky roof & he can’t move away to protect himself. He spends the whole night getting drenched in the rain.Though he makes a very strong case for his right to die (In one of the moving scene he confines the prosecutor in a box for 2 mins, the prosecutor starts panicking & Ethan says if 2 mins of confinement can make you so terror stricken think of how I am living my confined life), the Judge rejects his petition quoting no one but God has the right to take away life. I suppose it is pertinent to note here that Euthanasia or Mercy Killing is Legal only in Netherlands, Beligium, Luxomborg, Switzerland, Thailand, & Washington & Oregon in USA. The Debate over allowing Euthanasia keeps emerging from time to time when some Terminally ill Patient petitions to the President/Courts to allow them the right to die with Dignity. 

Karnataka: Ailing woman wants mercy killing

 SC verdict on euthanasia for Aruna today

I guess this is the 1st movie in India that talks about the Right to Die…I feel people are unnecessarily anti death…why does one want others to go on living when they lose the faculties to enjoy even the basics of life??…In Aruna’s case her nurse is saying she shouldn’t be allowed to die because she is not a problem for others…the nurse has missed the basic point…it is not about others…it is about the person’s own right to die.

Incidentally today also turns out to be the day When the Supreme Court has rejected Aruna Shanbag’s plea for Euthanasia.

<“According to the petitioner, Pinki Viani who has also written a book on Aruna Shanbag’s plight, in the last 37 years after the incident, Aruna has become “featherweight” and her bones are brittle. She is prone to bed sores.

Her wrists are twisted inward, teeth decayed and she can only be given mashed food on which she survives, Virani had said, adding that Aruna is in a persistent vegetative state, her brain is virtually dead and she is oblivious to the outside world.

She can neither see nor hear anything nor can she express herself or communicate in any manner, whatsoever, she had said in her plea for mercy killing. >

SC dismisses petition for mercy killing of Aruna Shanbaug

The Movie makes an ultimate case for regarding Death to be a part of life & not as something to be dreaded & abhorred. One must live life to the fullest enjoying all the joys it provides but should not hesitate in embracing death too. Life & death are the two sides of a coin n yet we go on desiring life & shunning death. Ethan Mascarenhas shows that both can be embraced with equal chutzpah.The film has a certain Magical quality about it like all Sanjay Leela Bhansali films.

Both Hrithik & Aishwarya & the supporting actors are perfectly cast in their roles. The songs especially ‘Udi’, ‘Sau Gram Zindagi’, & ‘Tera Zikra Hai’ are very good.

One thing I didn’t like the premise that Ethan’s life is now more horrible than other person’s because he had achieved glory n fame in his past.What he misses most in his new life is the applause. I totally don’t buy the concept of a person valuing applause over a quiet n serene existence. I believe his condition would be equally good/ bad despite of whether or not he had glory in the past.

The film is believed to be inspired by a host of Hollywood films—The Prestige, The Sea Inside, Whose Life is it Anyway ….

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  10. jammy replied:

    Anand was way better than guzarish …guzarish is dark and over the top just like all sanjay bhansali movies …

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