Tanu Weds Manu

Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) is a misguided rebel without cause (smoking ciggies, gulping daaru & making a general idiot of herself) who doesn’t know what she wants. One moment she declares she is  sick of everyone talking of only shaadi, shaadi, shaadi & next moment she is raring to elope to do shaadi.  One moment she declares that she changes boyfriend every week, next she wants to elope with her BOYFRIEND to get married…it’s never clear if she has one or many boyfriends (this premise keeps changing from scene to scene).

Manu (Madhavan) is a wimp leading such a pathetic existence & is so starved for female  company in London that he ‘falls in love’ with Tanu  on their 1st meeting even though she has passed out (just don’t ask why and how). Having failed to impress Tanu even with his NRI Doctor credentials  he tries to help Raja (jimmy Shergil) to get married to Tanu but all the while tries psychological gimmicks on sly to win over Tanu’s love (gifting her a collage of her snaps, telling about his miserable, lonely life in London, which apparently moves her so much that her fledgling love for him turns into rock solid devotion!!! ). It would be apt to add here that Manu is as confused as Tanu. One moment he acts magnanimous by buying garlands for Raja’s n Tanu’s forthcoming court marriage, next moment he refuses to give a pen for signing the Register thus warding off the marriage itself!!!

Obviously their ‘love story’ is as irritating as they are. Sample a scene between the two.

The Wimp: I make pacemakers in London. It’s a device which makes one’s heartbeats faster.

The Overly bubbly, irritating wannabe nonconformist: Hey even I can do this. (Not make the pace-makers that is but make hearts beat faster like the pace-makers do!!!) (Duh)

After much dramabazi finally Tanu n Manu get to wed each other. Good for them, ‘cos they deserve each other. Even the goon Raja has more sense & maturity & honor for his words than these two.

 I could’ve given this shaadi a miss. The story sucks. The characters suck (The only character I liked was was that of Deepak Dobriyal as Manu’s friend Pappi who tries to drum some sense into Manu with witty one liners though to no avail), the acting sucks, even the songs suck big time.

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  1. Jitendra replied:

    Cant watch this movie now….was planning for this week end.

  2. ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

    Goldy I too waited n waited for this movie as some people were going gaga over it…but alas what a waste of time…good luck to you!!

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