7 Khoon Maaf

You get married & discover your patner is jealous & possessive?? What do you do??-Try sorting out your problems? Seek marriage counseling? Get a Divorce & move on?? Nope, none of the above…you murder your spouse, justify the murder because he deserved it, get married again, discover another fault in the  new spouse, murder him & keep getting married & keep on murdering!!!

This is what  Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes (Priyanka Chopra) who gets married 6 times & kills her 6 husbands does in 7 khoon Maaf, apparently ‘cos all her husbands have ‘faults’  /are inconvenient in Susanna’s scheme of things. The 1st , Major Edwin Rodrigues (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is way too jealous n possessive, 2nd , Jimmy  (John Abraham) lies, cheats & is a drug addict, third, the poet Wasiullah (Irffan Pathan) is a sadist who is into violence in sex, Fourth, the Russian Vronsky  is two timing her, Fifth’s  (Keemat Lal –Anu Kapoor) fault is he uses Viagra!!!  Sixth, Madhusudan Tarafdar(Nasirrudin Shah)  is trying to kill her to get hold of her property. Very compelling reasons for murder!! Not only she murders them but gets away with the murders easily without raising a stink. In most cases the reasons for the murder is rather frivolous…helloooo hasn’t she heard of  ‘Divorce’& moving on in life??!!!

But apparently killing seems to be her choice of settling major & minor inconviniences in her life, as is revealed is a scene where her old faithful servant recounts an episode from her childhood where she was hounded by a dog on her way to school, instead of changing her route, she chooses to kill the dog!!

To me the premise of the movie itself is beyond stupid, so I just could’nt enjoy the movie despite good performances by the cast. The movie was a major disappointment after being much awaited, what with it being based on a novella by Ruskin Bond , a Visha Bhardwaj movie & performance by Priyanka Chopra n others.

One more inanity is Susanna’s assertion that every woman wants to murder her husband at one time or another but doesn’t do so because of children !!! Marriages work & the most ridiculous of all these is the marriage to Jesus & the scene where Jesus comes swirling. Anyways who’s khoon is the seventh in 7 khoon maaf?? It’s never clear..is she implying that she killed her identity n old self??

The only thing I like about the movie is the ‘Darling’ song(Inspired/lifed from/ based on the Russian song ‘Kalinka’) which I have on a Repeat in my Ipod.

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  1. Jitendra replied:

    Hey despite of many unjustifiable premises the movie can be termed as OK and one time watch. The performances are good and dialogues crispy .It is about a character who functions this way only and behaves abnormally with her entire gang abeting in crime. The director cant show her figthing seven divorce cases .In that case ekta kappor can take charge and will make trillion episodes to show the journey of this beautiful lady. Yes!!!!! Darling was fun to watch .

  2. Tanu Weds Manu « Ritu’s Weblog replied:

    […] 7 Khoon Maaf […]

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