My plans for 2011

As this New Year has kicked in I have many fresh plans which I’m raring to pursue with zeal…I prefer to call them plans instead of resolutions because I believe plans are more flexible n fun…Resolutions sound rather rigid.

~ To embrace Minimalism: Minimalism is a lifestyle that aspires to live with less stuff & hence with less clutter, less debt, less carbon footprint, less work to earn more money to buy useless stuff, more freedom, more leisure, more fun, more joy. I’ve always been attracted by the minimalist lifestyle, Voluntary simplicity & frugality (Minimalism & frugality are a natural choice for me n not some sort of sacrifice because I’ve never been a part of the rat race or keeping up with the Joneses or the Joshis mentality), but somehow I continued to buy stuff without pausing to think whether or not I need it. I mean I’ve never been a shopoholic or been in debt but somehow I used to keep buying clothes, junk jewelery & makeup. More than I’d ever need for at least 5 more years. The more I thought about it the more I realized that mindless stuff accumulation is not making me happy. This year I finally decided to take a plunge. I’ve been reading a lot of minimalist blogs out here & they have been a big source of inspiration. There are folks who are living with only 100 things (A Guy Named Dave), living with 75 things (Everett Bogue), living with 50 things (Leo Babauta), living without any money (Daniel Suelo). But since I’m a beginner I plan to take baby steps for now. I’m starting with a simple manageable Project for this year. I plan to discard at least 1 thing everyday for each day in 2011 a la 365 things less & do Compacting that is not buying any stuff barring groceries n absolute necessities.

~ Start New Blogs: I’ve been writing this blog for 5 years or so & it has become kind of cluttered…I’ve been wring movie reviews, books reviews, Buddhism, child freedom, Travelogues, my thoughts, raves n rants. This year I pan to start new dedicated and focused blogs on Minimalism, Simplicity & Frugality; Buddhism; Quotes, Inspiration and Wisdom; Books & Reading; Movies; Fat Acceptance and Healthy lifestyle; Aging and Death (Yup you read it right Death)…These blogs will help me to share my thoughts n learnings on these topics that I am passionate about and help me gain new insights fellow bloggers.

~ Do loads n loads n loads of reading: Reading has always been my #1 Passion but somehow didn’t do as much reading as I would have loved to do in 2010. In 2011 I intend to rekindle my affair with reading. Incidentally of late I’ve a insomaniac, which is rather surprising as hitherto I used to be a very heavy sleeper, anyhoo I intend take full advantage of my insomnia n double my reading. I’m planning to read 200-300 books this year (I’m not sure of the exact number because blogs dme from reading books)

~ This year I intend to give a pass to the usual resolutions of losing weights, stop procrastinating, having a clean room,  blah blah blah……

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  1. Harsh replied: best wishes, Ritu.

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