My Journey from slim to fat & Back (hopefully)

How did I get so Fat?? I’m left wondering, shaking my head sadly.  Not some years back being skinny used to be my problem!!! Now it’s hard to imagine that those days were for real. Looks like the kilos piled up unbenownst to me. When n how did this happen?? Well not really I do know the story behind those kilos.

In school days I used to be very very skinny & it was my dream to fatten up so i started eating whatever i pleased but still to no avail, I guess the hard schedule of school n the youth made calories disappear. The result of all this eating started showing up in my early college days. I remember during those days when someone commented ‘you are getting fat’, instead of getting alarmed n cautious I used to be very pleased with myself. I congratulated myself inwardly. That was the best compliment in my books. Little did I realize what was in store for me a little later. Then during college I had a bit of emotional crisis, I was under depression due to pressures of studying & perhaps teenage confusion. During that time I took to consuming cups of tea one after another, sometimes without a gap of even 5 mins in between. That was the time I guess which was the real turning point in my journey from slim to FAT. But still there was nothing to worry much about as I have a tall frame, so I can carry a bit of weight without really showing.

The real change came after my marriage. After marriage i stopped working n became a homemaker, not really because I was not doing any work in the house either!! Fortunately or rather unfortunately I  have a full time dependable maid who cooks n cleans for me!! So here I was (am) without having as much to move a finger n getting everything on a platter. All this free time leads to lots of binging. So its a double whammy. & trust me this combo works its magic before you realize. Also my sweet tooth doesn’t help either. I can skip a meal here/there but I can’t say no to sweets/tea. Sure I do try to take regular walks but what is a little walking after n before a whole sedentary day filled with eating.

Analyzing the reasons of how I got here from there gives me insights into a formulating a workable strategy of how to get back there again.  I’ve decided enough is enough & take bulls by it horn n take some serious steps to offload those kgs piled up over time. I got additional inspiration from watching a youtube video by a guy called Sam Crowley who made a very public commitment to lose weight after getting disgusted (in his own words) watching himself on another video he shot.

I’m not for either drastic exercising or drastic dieting & I don’t want to be too thin either. So my approach will be more kaizen like–improvement by taking small steps. Here’s the plan

~Absolutely no sweets till I achieve the desired weight. No exceptions. Oh well, a little cheating once in a while is allowed.

~Only 1-2 cups of tea per day (sometimes i can have up to 4 a day & that’s after cutting down on tea drastically. Before my marriage I had 4-5 cups in bed itself)

~Going for a walk post breakfast, pre lunch n post lunch in winters n morning n evening in summers.

~Getting my own glass of water instead of shouting for it. (It’s a small thing but everything adds up in the end)

~Doing small errands in house throughout the day–giving a helping hand to domestic help!!!

~Only liquids–soups, juices n low fat milk shakes post lunch.

~Use my ‘Before’ pix to keep me motivated.

With this plan I hope to knock off 5-10 kgs in 6 months. Looks reasonable n achievable. & I’ve already decided on my reward for all this discipline. A shopping spree for new clothes * a vacation in Goa. 🙂


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