Horbill Festival 2010

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Hornbill is the Annual Tribal Fest of Nagaland held in the 1st week of December every year in the Heritage Village in Kisama near Kohima. 16 tribes of Nagaland perform their traditional dances during the week.  Hornbill Festival is named after the Majestic Great Indian Hornbill which is revered & respected by the Naga Tribes. Horbill Festival is called the ‘Festival of Festivals’ because we get a glimpse of the myriad Naga  Festivals celebrated throughout the year in these seven days (Incidentally Nagaland is also known as the Land of Festivals). Artists from neighboring states-Assam (Bihu & Jhomoor dance), Mizoram (Bamboo Dance), Manipur & from other countries-Thailand & N. Korea also performed this year. The Fest is a unique opportunity to watch the confluence of so many Tribes in all their colorful glory. A visit to the Heritage Village is  an experience in itself as the village houses the huts (Morungs) of all the Naga tribes. We were fortunate to witness the events of  day 3 & 4 of 11th Hornbill Festival. During the week long celebrations one can also buy Naga Crafts n sample Naga food (which is not so unpalatable afterall as it is often made out to be!). Other attractions are the horticulture exhibition with luscious fruits for sale n a flower competition; Mithun (Fat Naga Buffaloes) Exhibition; Exhibition featuring WWII memorabilia; Archery competition; Naga style Wrestling Competition; Greased bamboo pole climbing Competition; Rock Band; Hornbill Motor Car Rally; Fashion Show; Naga-King Chilly eating competition; Kids Carnival; Paragliding n many more. During the night carnival the tribes perform dances in front of their respective morungs. The visit to Kohima to witness Hornbill Fest 2010 is among my cherished Travel experiences.

P.S. : Videos of  some of the dances @ Hornbill 2010 coming up soon 🙂

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