Causes of Suffering As per Vedanta

Causes of Suffering As per Vedanta

Today while reading Deepak Chopra‘s book ‘Power, Freedom & Grace’ I came across ‘Causes of Suffering’ according to Vedanta.Vedanta says that there are 5 reasons why human beings suffer. I feel understanding the causes of suffering & meditating on them & transcending them is the first step to achieve happiness.

  1. Not knowing the true nature of reality.

  2. Clinging to or grasping or holding to that which is ephemeral transitory or not real.

  3. Aversion to, revulsion to, running away from, fear of that which is insubstantial transitory, ephemeral or not real.

  4. Identification with a false and constricted and habitual self i.e. ego

  5. Fear of death.

All other causes of suffering can be somehow related to these five. 

And all of these 5 causes of suffering are contained in the first one i.e. not knowing the true nature of reality.


November 21, 2010. Tags: , , , . Deepak Chopra, Happiness, Wisdom.

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