Julie & Julia: Must Watch Movies #5

Cover of "Julie & Julia"

Cover of Julie & Julia

I watched this light hearted flick in between a series of movies with messages (Pursuit of happyness, Lajja, Bucket List, Aashaiyen, Forrest Gump, Life is beautiful….). Well apparently this movie has perhaps no message as such (good for a change). It is about two women in different eras finding their calling through their passion for food.

Based on two true stories, “Julie & Julia” intertwines the lives of two women who, though separated by time and space, are both at loose ends until they discover that with the right combination of passion, fearlessness and butter, anything is possible.

We jump back and forth between France, where Julia Child (Meryl Streep) is the 36-year-old wife of Paul Child (Stanley Tucci), a Foreign Service officer, and New York, where Julie Powell (Amy Adams) lives in an apartment above a pizzeria with her husband, Eric (Chris Messina).

The movie begins with neither woman really knowing what to do with herself. Julia takes French classes, learns to play bridge, tries hat making. None of it holds her interest for long. She finally realises that her passions lies in food n eating & decides to master the Art of French cooking & make it accessible to Americans. Julia Child changed the way America cooked.

Julie decides to start a blog to overcome her frustration with her dead end & boring job at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, taking calls from people waiting for money after 9/11.

Julie and Julia began as  a blog that chronicled Julie Powell’s efforts to cook her way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. She gave herself one year to work through the 524 recipes. Eventually the blog became a book, and then the movie.

In most of the reviews that I read people tend to like the Julia child part of the story more. Perhaps I’m the only odd one out. I enjoyed the Julie Powell side of the story more…simply because I can identify more with it…it’s more contemporary. + Which blogger can’t identify with the thought n concept of blogging? (Her excitement over the first comment, her mom always telling her that blogging is useless n that no one reads her blog are all too familiar.)

Here’s the link to Julie Powell’s blog:

The Julie/Julia Project

Movie Trailer:

Julia Child making an Omelette:

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