Celebrating the Slack

We here at Ritusthoughtcatcher have kickstarted the celebration of the slack a few days ago (see the current reading list)….here I officially declare the Anthem for slackers

The Art of Doing Nothing–Naonem

I’ve looked at all the options

None are feasible to me

I’ve done a hundred workshops

But as strange as it may seem

Nothing seems right for me
For many different reasons
Looks like I should stick to
What I do brilliantly
Where my real talent lies and cannot be denied
Is in the art of doing nothing I tell you I do just fine
Where I can never get bored, where I have limited flaws
Is in the art of doing nothing I’m a professional bugger all
I wanted to be a pilot but I’m seven feet tall
I could have been a basketball champion
But I can’t control a ball
I would have worn a tie, worked in some company
But I couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery

It’s of use to no one
It doesn’t earn much doe
But I don’t do any damage
I’m nobody’s foe
It’s an honest profession, I don’t cheat or lie
I’m not polluting, rolling in it, manipulating people’s minds
Some say you need a goal to make life worthwhile
But what about a movie and a bottle of wine

Listen to this Awesome Fabulous n Inspiring song here:



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