Reading After a Hiatus

Books read in June-2009

At last I’ve started reading after a very very long hiatus. I’ve been a kind of person who is never without books…yup I carry books with me all the times n even if I get five minutes free time I’ll start reading…but suddenly all this changed..I got distracted doing other things…traveling, gymming, shopping, planning the forthcoming wedding & reading kinda got sidetracked…it was not as if I din’t have no time at all…but I found reading boring & tedious!!!…but thank goodness that just turned out to be a temporary phase (At times I used to wonder whether books had gone from my life for good & I din’t like what was happening) & I’m back to being my normal Bookaholic self….the non reading spell was broken when I found some interesting but easy reads at the local bookstore where I had gone to pick up some magazines…n I’ve managed to finish these two books in two days (Not a bad start…not bad at all !!)

I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder singh which is a ‘Simple, Honest & Touching ‘ (In Narayan Murthy’s words—Ravinder Singh incidentally works for Infosys)  true life love story (writer’s own) which could’ve been yet another candy-floss n sugary sweet story of two people who met on the matrimonial site, but which stands out a bit n saved from banality because it has a Tragic ending. It was a very fast read—finished it within 3 hrs so it must have been compelling at some level !!  ‘Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love. Some are born, just to experience the abbreviation of it.’ (from the cover page)…I found this one sentence far more powerful n exquisite than the story that followed.

you are here by meenakshi reddy madhavan is witty, fast paced chick lit (Chick lit is a form of women’s fiction which deals with issues of modern women humorously & lightheartedly). I enjoyed it immensely (I’ve invariably enjoyed chick lits ever since Bridget Jones Diary) n I guess which urban single woman in her 20s n 30s doesn’t identify with them? (Okay so I’m not so single anymore but am pretty tuned to those days). In the novel we get to know about the work life(A job that sucks ) & love life !! of Arshi….she has just broken up with her boyfriend ‘Chetan…aka Cheeto aka the lying cheating bastard’ & has now started dating Kabir who has a very ambivalent attitude to her…we get to learn about the subtle politics in a relationship. I liked the ending….it’s a very empowered ending…its neither a happy ending or a sad ending but an empowered ending with an epiphany!! + the book is filled with lotsa philosophical wisdom of the practical kind….overall a very satisfying & fast read.


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