From the Funtainhead #1/Notes from my Schizoid blog

The Fountainhead is my most absolute favorite book…I’ve always maintained that the main hero Howard Roark is delightfully Schizoid. The whole novel highlights the contrast between Howard Roark (the schzoid) & Peter Keating (your typical average ‘Normal’  socialising person) & anyone can draw the conclusion who is happier in the ultimate sense.

The book is full of memorable scenes & dialogues. It’s my endeavour to capture all these schzoid vs normal moments from the novel.

Snapshots of a ‘Normal’ person’s life & motives:

(Dialogue between Peter Keating & Dominique : Page 424)

“What do we do tomorrow night?” he asked.
“We have the Palmers for dinner tomorrow night,” she said.

“Oh, Christ!” he moaned.’They’re such awful bores! Why do we have to have them?”

“We have to have the Palmers,” she said, “so that we can get the commission for their new store building. We have to get the commission so that we can entertain the Eddingtons for dinner on saturday. The Eddingtons have no commissions to give, but they’re in the Social Register. The Palmers bore you and the Eddingtons snub you. But you have to flatter people whom you despise in order to impress people who despise you.”

~~The Schizoids seem to have broken this vicious circle of meaningless, boring socialising.


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  1. omfgitsrohit replied:

    Haha, I just googled “Howard Roark schizoid” and your blog was the first link. Completely agree!

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