Revisiting past Scribblings

I had sat down & written what I was looking for in my ideal mate a few years back…now that Ive found ‘the one’ it was interesting revisiting this & it would be even more interesting for him to check this out n tell me how does he fare…so here we go sweetheart


Ummmmm apart from the regular he should be tall..dark…handsome……..should be cool…hot….caring..romantic….yada yada….what i really want is…not in terms of his traits in general…but more of his traits in our relationship…


So mostly Im looking for 2 things…


~Friendship..which  includes common interests+shared vision of future..


 ~Thinks that Im the best thing to have happened to him..n should lemme know within the 1st hour of our meeting…n keep telling me every now n then like 2-3 times in a day.(I’ll be doing the same for him…when he’s the 1 he deserves this n lots more).


Oh what the heck since I’m on roll I might as well add a few more qualities


~Needs to have loads of patience–that is required in plenty to be just around me…so would be required in real abundance if he aspires to be the one….shoulda have patience to not give up on me when im being goofy…or making a fool of myself.


~Should be able to deal with the fun fearless woman that I am mostly…n deal with the insecure person that i sometime become(then i need reassurance in plenty & will go running to him)


~Should be able to take a joke or two…should have SOH…. should get my jokes.


~Should be a good cook…should make me hot soup when Im sick(goes without saying that ill also make it for him)


So this pretty much sums it…..

rest is negotiable………………..

Tall order???I think not…

Possible???I hope so



March 4, 2009. Tags: , , , , . Hmm..., I-Me-Myself, Marriage, Personal, Reflections/Musings.

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