30 Things About Me

1.      I’m endlessly fascinated with myself…what other kind of person would make such lists, eh?


2.    I love solitude…spending time with myself…Reading, thinking, pottering around & making lists like this.


3.    I’m a schizoid. A very happy n proud one at that.


4.    Surprisingly people don’t see me that way. They consider me warm n friendly even chirpy n bubbly.


5.    I analyze EVERYTHING…I think way too much…I live practically in maah head.


6.    I have a *variable* obsessive compulsive disorder.


7.    I procrastinate a LOT.


8.    I don’t have athletic talent of any sort.


10.I am a bibliophile.


11.I never get through the day without having read something.


12.I always read more than one book at a time…sometimes as many as five.


13.I always carry a book or two in my bag.


14.I am an Agnostic.


15.I believe in Reincarnation & Karma.


16.My spirituality is of a philosophical nature…I consider thinking & reflecting & taking a balanced view to be a spiritual way of life.


17.I’m not Materialistic…..I mean I like a comfortable life & spend on stuff but things like buying BMW/SUV or big houses or expensive jewelery or throwing lavish parties or going to them  simply doesn’t excite me.


18.I’m more excited about books, learning, technology, philosophy, psychology, traveling.


19.I’m  child free for life..it is something that I decided very early on in life.


20.No, I don’t think a woman is incomplete without giving birth…I feel very complete as I am all by myself, thank you very much.


21.Yes, I think I’m free to lead my life just the way I please without being bogged down by responsibility of a child….it makes me feel truly liberated & lucky.


22.My Top Values
My strategies, ideas, plans, and moods change constantly . But I have a core set of values that have not changed. For me, these include Freedom, Independence, Authenticity (Genuineness, truthfulness and acting on my convictions), Simplicity, Solitude, Intimacy, Learning, spontainity, mindfulness.


23.I’ve never been celebrity crazy…I wouldn’t stand in lines to get a view or shake hands with anyone…& I believe people who are star-stuck or celebrity crazy have a low self esteem & are not minding their own business enough.


24.I also don’t understand people who name-drop…so you know Mr./Ms So n so…what about it?? How does it make you big or anything?? Dropping names is uber-stupid.


25.I have rather strong opinions on many issues n often my opinions tend to be contrarian to popular way of thinking.


26.Things I’ve never managed to do—Keep my room clean; Get my paperwork in order; Love without expectations.


27.I was separated within three months of marriage though I got divorced a bit later…reflecting back I can say that my marriage was the best mistake I made &  my divorce the best decision I took. It helped me grow resilient n reflective.


28.I think everyone needs a shock to take stock of their life n discover a way of life that is true for them rather than drifting with the herd behavior aka what society expect you to do…. divorce was that shock/catalyst for me.


29.People whose philosophy have shaped my thoughts  – Osho, Buddha, Howard Roark & Michael. They are my Gurus/Spiritual Guides.


30. I can’t prioritise…my sense of priorities is so fucked up that I can spend the whole day reading novels, browsing the net, philosophizing, writing posts for  blog or forums when more urgent work like collecting checks running into several thousand bucks/ studying for looming exams/ completing crucial paper work etc are pending.




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