2008 in Review

What did you do in 2008 that you never did before?

Joined a regular 9-5 Job after 10 years of freelancing.


Did you keep your New Year Resolutions?

As is usual I kept some n broke some.


Did anyone close to you give birth?

My Sis in Law & brother had a baby girl, so became an aunt-also for the first time.


What did you lack in 2008 that you intend to have in 2009?

A more focused life…more attention on career rather than wasting my attention on trivials.


What countries did you visit?

Egypt n fell in love with it n not ‘cos of pyramids…it’s cos of its people…simply fab n so loving.


How would you sum up 2008 in a word?

A Mixed Bag….but with more credits than debits.


What was your Favorite film this year?

Rab ne bana di Jodi…I’m an out an out romantic…n as far as movies go I watch only Romance n Comedies..can’t stand Action/Fights for a second. This movie doesn’t have an anti-hero ( I liked this a lot…in most movies problems in a relationship are caused by an outside source…a villian…but the absence of a villian in this film emphasises that the problems n frictions n complexities in a relationship are caused by the couple themselves by their own psychological makeup n ways of thinking)& beautifully captures simple moments in a love relationship.Though it was chauvinistic in places…like where Tani tells Suri that she’ll be a good wife to him but she’ll never love him…now how can one be a good wife minus the love?? Implying that a good wife is one does chores for the husband…this bit was uggggghhhhhhhhh but still the movie had a feel good factor to it n I enjoyed every minute of it especially the honeymoon shots ( which I guess most people missed ‘cos they come after you think the movie’s over) with Suri’s Punjabi accent were too cute.& when Taani tells Raj all that a girl wants is a man to love her more than any guy has ever loved any girl I was shaking my head…yeah, thats what we want however silly it might be. Din’t like the songs much though ‘tuzme rab dikhta hai’ was okay okay. 


Books read in 2008?

This was the year when I discovered Milan Kundera & Haruki Murakami & Ivan Turgenev n fell in love with their works.


Music in 2008
The A List
Kuch Khas Hai—Fashion; bakhuda-Kismet Connection; Sindabad Sailor including tum hau tau gaataa hai dil—Rock On; Pehli Nazar Mein—Race; Ha Raham (Mehfuz)—Aamir; Jashne Baharaa–Jodhaa Akbar

Though these songs are not from 2008 but were hot on my playlist pretty much throughout the year:
Tumse Milke—Parinda; Tumhi dekho Naa—Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna; Tere Liye—veer Zaara; Aaoge jab Tum Sajna—Jab We Met; Tumse Hee—Jab We Met; Teri Yaadein—Love Story; Mein Jahan Rahun—Namaste London; Maula Mere–Anwar; Affirmations–Savage Garden; Look at the Bright side–Monty Python.

The B List
Kuch Kum—Dostanaa;Jaane Kyu Dil Jaanta Hai—Dostanaa; In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein—Jodha Akbar; Khuda Jaane & Ahista—Bachanaa Ai Hasino; Falak Tak & Dil Dance Maare–Tashan; Mar Jawaan–Fashion; Drona–Drona; Tuzme Rab Dikhta hain–Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.


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