How to Simplify your Life

How to Simplify Your Life

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We all would like our lives to run more smoothly and have fewer complications in our lives. However, ” life is like a roller coaster,” it has its ups and downs. And although life will never be hassle free, we can go over some tips that will help simplify it.


  1. Avoid all debt. Don’t buy anything on credit.
  2. Keep one credit card and $1,000+ in a savings account for emergencies (car repairs, medical emergency etc.).
  3. Don’t have kids or dependent spouses
  4. Rent, don’t buy. If you rent, you can pack up and leave with little incident. Get a smaller pad so you won’t accumulate more possessions.
  5. Stop smoking and avoid alcohol and other “hard” drugs
  6. Learn to record things on a calendar that has a large enough space to write in. It helps to aid in the guess work on what you did on certain days. We all back track sometimes. Plus people are all the time asking what you did on certain days. And you’ll know for you wrote it down.
  7. Find ways to make meals less of a hassle. Meals should be enjoyed and not dreaded to prepare.
  8. Buy clothes you can mix match.This cuts down on cost and it’s fun to play with fashion.
  9. Have several pairs of basic pants, such as black and beige ones. Blue jean capris work well too. Add a cute or handsome top and you’ll look sharp, without a lot of thought on what to wear.
  10. Learn to hold on to receipts for at least six months to a year, meaning receipts that may be of importance. Anything that is under warranty, simply put the receipt with the instruction booklet etc. and hang on to it.
  11. Come up with a budget that will help manage your money, regardless of the amount that you may have. Rich people overspend everyday. And average people sometimes try to fly too high, which can make you become a poor person real fast.
  12. Save your shoe boxes it is a great place to store Utility bills and phone bills. You can simply slide it under the bed.
  13. Ask your physician or doctor for a copy of a written report on all medical test. And keep them in a file or folder. It is really important to get a copy of your blood work. Therefore, you’ll know how well that you are doing from year to year.
  14. Keep a check on your health. It’s recommended that you have a blood pressure monitor at home. You can tell a lot about your general health by your BP readings and heart rate.
  15. Try to find a physician that listens to their patients. You know how you feel.
  16. Don’t be easily led, follow your thoughts on things. If you feel that there is a problem there probably is.
  17. Don’t try to please others to the point that you are neglecting yourself. For life is so short. And some people will keep taking, without giving anything in return.
  18. Don’t try to be what others want you to be, just be yourself.
  19. Don’t keep pets.
  20. On a final note: be sure to read message that is posted on discussion page.


  • Always hang on to dreams. They are nice and some dreams do come true.
  • Don’t worry so much.
  • Dream your dream….then live it!!

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