Pseudo spirutuality vs Rational spirutuality

These days most of the people I meet claim to be spiritual…which is a very good thing ‘cos a spiritual mindset helps us to cope up with the big, small n perceived challenges that life throws at us regularly…however I’ve realized that spituality has several brands….I’ve a friend who is super-spiritual, she prays three times a day, makes food offering to Gods & rushes home from middle of shopping sprees n get-togethers ‘ ‘cos my got must be hungry’!!!  c’mmon Gimme a break, girl !!! She prays n doesn’t eat meat on Tuesdays but eats meat on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays…., she wears a rudraksh mala which she promptly takes off before eating meat & wears again when she’s done eating it!! She carries her God’s photo with her on tours n trips n god finds a separate seat with us on the table & eats with us!!! Now this kind of spirituality strikes as rather unctuous to me, & I call it fake spirituality or pseudo spirituality or even juvenile spirituality & I often tell her that God is gonna be seriously angry with you for treating him ( I would have used her too to use gender neutral language but all her gods happen to be males) in such way as if he’d be really bluffed by not eating meat on certain days & taking out rudraksh mala to eat meat…if you think eating meat is right why not eat it on Tuesdays too?? Why skip that one day?? & if you think its wrong to eat it why eat it on other days too?? Give it up altogether n if you can’t atleast don’t be a hypocrite about it in name of spirituality or religion…I guess  one’s beliefs should be based on sound logic…true spituality to my mind should be rational! More on my brand of spirituality later.


November 6, 2008. Tags: , , . Personal, Reflections/Musings.

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