Favorite book characters

My All Time Favorite Book Characters (for me they are Actual Real people & I like them more than most actual real people)
Fictional characters are sometimes more real than people with bodies and heartbeats. ~Richard Bach

~Howard Roark -tends to be much more interested in what he’s doing than in anybody else’s opinion of what he’s doing. He’s not the part of the crowd but stands majestically alone. An individualist in the truest sense of the word. A man who does things his own way n never anything to please others.He is never out there to win a popularity contest. He is his own man and lives by his own rules.
He refuses to join any fraternity. He is not anti-social so much as asocial.
He never learned the process of thinking about other people. Nor does he care to.
He achieves his top values: self-esteem, happiness, pride, Independence, Egoism, and Achievement.

~Scarlett O’Hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it when caught by her charm.
Scarlet couldn’t stand any conversation for more than 5 minutes where she was not the center of attention.
I’ve had too many Gone with the wind Moments in my life (He!He! how funny is that?& why am I saying all this here??) Incidentally my scarlet days are over for good…all this was back when I was naive n gullible.

~Rudy Baylor–Maintained his wry sense of humor when almost anything that could go wrong goes wrong.& then rose like a Phoenix. Always has a rich internal dialogue going on. In the most mundane/pathetic situation his mind keeps him entertained.

~Bridget Jones=Queen of fuckups…has the talent to find herself in a wrong situation all the time, every time…& oh then there is this turbulent love life. Incidentally my Bridget days are also over for good (I hope)…all this was back when I was naive n gullible.

~[excerpted from Atlas Shrugged]

[Dagny:]”Well, I’ve always been unpopular in school and it didn’t bother me, but now I’ve discovered the reason. It’s an impossible kind of reason. They dislike me, not because I do things badly, but because I do them well. They dislike me because I’ve always had the best grades in the class. I don’t even have to study. I always get A’s. Do you suppose I should try to get D’s for a change and become the most popular girl in school?”
Francisco stopped, looked at her and slapped her face.



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