Fun@MFT I- 30/sep/2008







October 2, 2008. Tags: , . Personal, Pictures.


  1. wg cdr R N B Rao replied:

    Yes….u do look like an angel with all the innocence of a child,but it would not augur well with people who really dont know u n ur enchanting personality,like the liberated soul in a song bird longing for eternal life.People may construe it something else n may take further liberties,especially boys in adolesent age group.So the thub rule n bottom line is….one shud not encourage such behavior among students.But by chance if it gives u hapiiness,u can go ahead n indulge…,u will only reap the result.
    I thought u will mail me those snaps before uploading them on to ur blog….I understood that way when v spoke last night

  2. ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

    Hey Wing co..these are not the angel pix…:-P…in those pix I’m looking a lot more angelic. 😀

  3. wg cdr R N B Rao replied:

    U are not looking like an angel…..,u r looking like a student and looking like one among them,,,,but definitely not like a faculty.I bless u, have fun.

  4. ritusthoughtcatcher replied:

    Yup, there you are so right…the other day I was waiting for my clothes at a boutique & the owner in order to make a small talk with me asked ‘so are you doing you BBA from prestige????!!!!!! & when I told her I’m teaching for the last 10 yrs she refused to believe it…so I just offered that maybe I carry myself like a student by my dressing sense & she was like NOOO you look like a student overall…whatta a compliment!!! Thank you!! I take looking like a student rather than a faculty as a compliment!!!!! 🙂

  5. jaspreet replied:

    2gether v roccckkkk mam…nic pics…

  6. Dhamaal@MBA(IB) « Ritu’s Weblog replied:

    […] Posts Moments Captured @ Annual Fest Fun @ MFT I Fun After the […]

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