My life has gone so off-track & haywire that I need to put a few resolutions in place to set it straight…& it being a crisis of not small proportions I simply can’t wait till the new year….I need to restore sanity in my life NOW.

Basically I need to focus on priorities & stop wasting my time on frivolous pursuits like surfing the net as if there is no tomorrow. Some major projects in my life are long overdue & I end up spending almost every spare minute either reading books/surfing the net.

Urgent work to be finished

~Collect cheques from colleges & ICFAI (some cheques have been due for,I just can’t believe it, > 3 yrs!!!!!)

~Open A PF A/c (I’ve been losing at least 1000 bucks a month for not opening it till now)

~Set 8 papers for the final exams

~Clean moi room (This one is big…has been on my list for >20 years) ..I resolve to clean my room for 1+ hr everday

~Find a guide for the damned PhD

~Get my paper work in order.

I’ll be damned if I postpone any of the above any further…so I guess it’s time to stop blogging & get ready for some action.


September 29, 2008. Tags: , , . Personal, Reflections/Musings.

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