Word of the Day : Expostulate




~To reason earnestly with a person on some impropriety of her conduct, representing the wrong she has done or intends to do, urging her to redress or to desist

~Reason with somebody for the purpose of dissuading

~The act of expressing earnest opposition/protest







~Squawk (squawk is a harsher version of expostulate)



~To take things lying low

~To bottle up feelings inward instead of expressing one’s feelings about an issue & then explode suddenly out of context



~There’s a thin dividing line between complaining & expostulating

~Expostulating is the healthy middle path between being a doormat & whining

~This word came into my life exactly when I needed it, I was voicing my concern over certain issues with the top management & was being advised to shut up ‘cos no one likes a complainer & I said I ain’t  not complaining baby, I’m expostulating.



~His father expostulated with him about the dangers of drunk driving


Interesting usage

~Expostulating with self


September 15, 2008. Tags: , . Vocabulory, Word of the day.

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