Amitabh Bacchan’s apology or lack of gumption??

So the ‘Jaya Bacchan’s remark controversy has apparently ended with Raj Thakrey accepting Amitabh Bacchan’s apology in a News Conference & in his blog…but the question that remains here is why did Amitabh tender an apology ?? What was there to apologise for in the first place??  Jaya had said being from Uttar Pradesh she preferred to talk in hindi…now how does it hurt anyone’s sentiments?? Who in their right mind would get offended by such an innocuous statement as this?? & she must have surely meant what she said…why must one apologise for what one thinks?? Isn’t one suppossed to stand by one’s convictions?? Apologising when one hasn’t done anything wrong is rather wimpish…

I rather admired Salman Khan’s response when there was a ‘Fatwa against Salman family for celebrating Ganeshotsav’…rather than apogising for this so called wrong doing Salman reasoned very rationally 

“What is the locus standi of these people? Who are they to question people’s religious beliefs? Why don’t they issue such a ‘fatwa’ against terrorists and terrorism, which is un-Islamic? The clerics are talking nonsense.”

Explaining one’s point of view rather than apologising is the better response when people accuse one unreasonably & irrationally.


September 13, 2008. Tags: , , . Current Events, Reflections/Musings.

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